This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Davis. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Ada C. [P-778034270]
Altia [P254921521] about 1913
Amanda Ethel [P-778036800] 1894-04-00
Arthur E [P112044357] about 1909
Blanche [P-543733500] about 1919
Charley T [P261694536] about 1901
Clyde H [P261694538] about 1908
Edwin Arthur [P-778036805] 1881-06-05
Elena [P112068452] about 1908
Eliza Sarah Elizabeth [P-778036803] 1886-01-00
Emmitt Emil [P-542344641] 1897-03-15
Ermal C [P254917861] about 1904
Eva M. [P254909341] about 1876
Frankie T [P254921522] about 1915
Frederick Addison [P-778036807] 1877-04-06
George T. [P254912059] 1880-06-13
Griffin P. [P254995206] 1853-06-00
Hellen M [P-542343888] about 1901
Ira E. [P254912061] 1884-05-00
Iva [P254997407] 1891-05-00
James D. [P-544992051] 1840-06-16
Jasper Orville [P-778036804] 1883-09-00
John Wiley [P254909340] 1873-11-30
Jonathan [P254886329] about 1815
Jonathon Frank [P-725970631] 1874-12-07
Joseph Glenn [P-543734102] 1899-02-09
Joseph Green [P-778034839] 1848
June B [P112044358] about 1911
Kenneth P [P-543733066] about 1904
Lois [P-543734794] about 1915
Minnie Olivia [P-778036810] 1873-02-00
Nancy Margaret Maggie [P-778036745] 1857-04-00
Opal M [P261694537] about 1904
Otto [P254997408] 1893-10-00
Roy [P-543735158] about 1913
Sarah Ann [P354163417] 1845
Sarah Elizabeth [P-778036612] 1871-11-04
Susan [P255009883] about 1850
Victor [P254997409] 1895-09-00
Viola M [P254917860] about 1902
William Green [P-778036806] 1879
Willie [P254997410] 1897-08-00
Willie W. [P-778034805]
Winnie [P-778036186]