This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Mealing. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Alice A. [P-495813765] 1844
Angelina [P-778035505]
Angeline [P-495813766] 1838
David Abiah [P-778036255] 1832-09-10
Drury Drewy Joseph [P-778035512] 1869-03-00
Drury Joseph [P-778036250] 1842-12-10
Elizabeth Ann [P-778036256] 1829-10-24
Ella [P-778035504] 1858
Ellen Leonora [P-778036249] 1847-11-18
Ellie G [P-775465314] 1868-07-00
Frances Olivia [P-778036251] 1840-08-07
George B. [P-778035499] 1905
Georgia A. [P-495813768] 1832-01-15
Henry Evan [P-778036252] 1838-03-25
Henry Getzen [P-778035510] 1898
John [P-778036260] 1789-03-05
John Henry [P-775484716] 1747
John Pace [P-778036253] 1835-10-04
John Pace II [P-778035501] 1873
Julia F [P-778035511] 1896
Katharine [P-477901318] about 1903
Lewis G [P-477901319] about 1899
Mae Anna [P-778035498] 1909
Mary L [P-477917675] about 1929
Mary Lillie Mae [P-778035509] 1902
Mary Sullivan [P-775465313] 1873-12-00
Susan [P-495813767] 1835
Susan Loretta [P-778036258] 1827
Teresa Emery [P-778036254] 1833-07-14
William [P-495817294] 1798-11-26
William [P-778035502] 1859
William Henry [P-778036259] 1825-10-18