This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Gilbert. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Adeline E [P-777648979] about 1886
Cassandra Cass [P-777517024] 1839-07-08
Daniel [P-778034429] 1729-01-20
Elizabeth [P-778035779] Jul
Frances [P-777517023] 1840
Galena Belle [P-778034751] 1887-09-02
Garvis [P-778034406] 1680-04-15
George W [P-778035448] about 1879
George W. [P-777520006] 1863-03-00
Harriett [P-777517017] 1847
Helen M [P-777648978] about 1917
Isaac W. 'Ike' [P-778036113] 1850-12-31
Isaiah [P-778034451] 1780-11-09
Jacob [P-777517020] 1844
Jake Clouse [P-778035116] 1885-01-23
James H. [P-778035559] 1877-03-09
James W [P-777648975] about 1923
Laura M [P-778035010] about 1880
Malinda Jane [P-777517016] 1858-03-00
Martha A [P-778035337] 1881-12-15
Mary [P-778035668] 1875-09-14
Michael [P-778034373] 1640-02-07
Rev. Henry Woody [P-778034673] 1811-11-15
Sara B. [P-778035227] 1883-02-14
Sarah Elizabeth [P-777517019] 1845
Steven C. [P-777520007] 1855-01-00
William F. [P-778035891] about 1872