This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Harris. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Ada May [P-778036516] 1878
Alden "Russell" [P-778036527] 1885-09-30
Alonzo M [P-681854860] about 1920
Alonzo Monroe [P-778036533] 1867-10-05
Bernice M [P-681774886] about 1897
Carine [P-681856036] about 1903
Charles Bingley [P-778036538] 1842-01-00
Charles Herbert [P-681858193] 1870-09-27
Clarissa [P-778034634] 1826
Cora Ann [P-778036529] 1873-05-27
Dora [P-778035046] 1872
Edna J [P-681774885] about 1899
Elizabeth [P-555183012] about 1917
Flora Mary [P-778036518] 1873-05-24
Henry H [P-778036528] 1876-02-11
Jessie M [P-681774883] about 1906
Laurence [P-681856035] about 1911
Leo [P-681774884] about 1903
Levi J [P-681774888] about 1871
Levi Jackson [P-681832613] 1870-10-22
Louise [P-681856034] about 1914
Mayme E [P-681774887] about 1895
Monroe [P-681869270] 1815
Nancy Olive [P-49847703] 1798-05-13
Oscar Dunreath [P-778036520] 1840
Oswell A. [P-681832612] about 1876
Parker [P-778036128]
Raymond Alfred [P-681835548] 1912-03-16
Robert Oscar [P-681858194] 1865-12-02
Silas Gapson [P-49167454] 1754-08-20
Virginia Louise [P-778036574] 1839
William Elias [P-681858195] 1863-10-30
William Tom [P-778034400] 1889