This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Greenhill. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Ann L [P-539528453] about 1850
Arthur C [P-539505898] about 1901
Birdie Gladys [P-539432609] 1904-07-03
Charlie F [P-542014155] 1876
Edward C [P-539441052] about 1874
Edward N [P-539531633] about 1846
Fannie B [P-542014775] 1887-08-00
Harvey [P-542014153]
James Cordice [P-539441040] 1876-06-08
James Edward Reginald [P-539432603] 1910-09-11
Jewell Doris [P-539432610] 1902-08-31
Jim [P-539439610] 1878-06-00
John J. [P-539441055] about 1872
Mabell [P-539432608] 1905-05-08
Martha J [P-539530702] 1831
Martha R [P-539530234] about 1843
Mattie J [P-539524350] 1891-10-00
Minnie Lucille [P-539432611] 1901-03-20
Nela [P-539441030] about 1878
Nettie E [P-542014777] 1883-06-00
Opal Beatrice [P-539432607] 1906-12-31
Pegram B [P-539529680] 1836-07-08
Perry J [P-539505889] about 1904
Philip E [P-539524328] 1896-12-00
Philip Whitehead [P-542014161] 1788 or 1979
Richard Burr [P-542014154] 1878
Richard Courtney [P-542015190] 1845-06-00
Russell Edgar [P-539432600] 1912-10-06
Samuel E [P-542014776] 1884-11-00
Virgie M [P-542014774] 1894-10-00
Willie William Ward [P-539432605] 1908-11-03