This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Fortson. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Alemeda Harriett [P-493838905] 1822
Alice [P-495789674] 1892-04-00
Elizabeth [P-493838920] 1802-12-25
Ernest [P-495789666] about 1900
Fannie [P-495789675] 1889-06-00
Georgia [P-495789678] 1887-08-00
Georgia Eugenia [P-493950567] 1873-09-14
Getson [P-495789671] 1897-10-00
Glennie May [P-493934121] 1895-02-14
Henry Pruitt [P-493997616] 1844-07-17
Jane M. [P-493838911] 1819-06-10
Jesse [P-493997624] 1783-12-17
Jesse Marion [P-493838914] 1812-11-22
Jessie Eliza [P-493950570] 1871-07-04
Luther [P-495789668] about 1898
Martha Ella [P-495808811] 1855-09-08
Martha M. [P-493838925] about 1801
Mary B. [P-493838918] about 1810
Susan Rebecca [P-495805115] about 1860
Thomas [P-493838929] 1742-05-01
Thomas Daniel [P-495808927] 1815-08-25
Thomas Glenn [P-493950572] 1867-11-14
Thomas Willis [P-495805113] 1860-02-16
William Boyd [P-493950564] 1885-02-05