This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Free. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Basil W [P-562340978] about 1930
Basil Webster [P-562371681] 1904-12-24
Basil Webster Jr [P-81780105] 1930-01-04
Basil Webster SR [P-81870487] 1904-12-24
Edgar [P-54379923] about 1903
Edgar [P-562371682] 1903
Edgar Miles [P-778034672] 1858
Elizabeth Ann [P-778035344] 1846-10-04
Emma [P-778034670] 1859
Evadene A [P-562340979] about 1928
Evadene A [P-81043524] about 1928
Grady [P-54379926] about 1901
Grady [P-562371683] 1901
Harriet Frances [P-778034667] 1865
Jonathan [P-778035342] 1838-12-08
Joseph Oscar [P-778034687] 1877
Lucy Delphia [P-562371685] 1899
Lucy Delphia [P-54379929] about 1899
Lucy Lela [P-778034685] 1881
Martha Earl [P-778034675] 1856
Mary Parthenia [P-778034676] 1954
Nancy Elizabeth [P-778035341] 1841-10-28
Sally R [P-778034386]
Sarah Rebecca [P-778034692] 1848
S. M. [P-76185004] about 1880
Susan L [P-778035191] 1844-03-02
Tabitha [P-778034669] 1861-10-27
U. K. [P-76185005] about 1879
U. M. [P-76185011] about 1877
William [P-778034693] 1814
William Albert [P-778034686] 1879-02-20
William Albert [P-81780109] 1879-02-20
William James [P-778034690] 1850
William Joseph Marion [P-778034689] 1852-06-24