This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Evans. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Amanda E [P-778034006] about 1856
Catherine Caty [P-544737642] 1799-03-16
Charles W [P-97147677] about 1885
Charles William [P-778034021] 1885-01-08
Earl [P-778034553]
Frances E [P-778034010] about 1846
George I. [P-778034005] about 1859
Hanah I. [P-778034004] about 1861
Harold [P-97147673] about 1921
Henry [P-776591909] 1902-07-03
James [P-778034016] 1896-11-11
James M [P-778034012] about 1843
John R [P-97147676] about 1913
John William [P-778034025] 1857-03-18
John William [P-778034018] 1894-09-12
Katie Morris [P-778034026] 1892-01-14
Loyd [P-97147670] about 1923
Lucinda [P-722505727] 1828-10-05
Lucy J [P-778034007] about 1854
Marianna Eliza [P-778034009] 848-12-28
Sarah A [P-778034008] about 1850
Sophia [P-778034003] about 1864
Stella M [P-778034019] 1887-09-24
Thomas J [P-778034011] about 1845
Vincent Clyde [P-778034020] 1883-04-20
William [P-778034014] 1816
Wilson L [P-778034017] 1899-06-00