This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Jones. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Agnes May [P-778034877]
Alice [P-778035052] 1860
Alice Tabitha [P-68821422] 1896-12-26
Annie [P-778035514] 1877
Annie Mae [P-56139250] about 1904
Asbury Coke [P-778036203] 24 Mar 1836 or 1833
Asbury Morgan [P-778036199] 1865
Bascom Lafayette [P-674864297] 1889-09-10
Benjamin Asbury [P-68821424] 1893-01-15
B L [P-674859346] about 1914
Brooks Fern [P-778035182] 1905-11-12
Carey Judson [P-68821419] 1905-08-22
Carl [P-778036677]
Carrie Eldora [P349228419] 1877-07-20
Daniel [P-778035525] 1874
Edmund Brooks [P-778035481] 1884-06-00
Eleanor Blanche [P-56139245] about 1917
Emma May [P-56112098] 1871
Euphie [P-778035370]
Ezrie [P-778035381]
Flora Elizabeth [P-778035547] 1870-09-08
Flossie [P-778035581]
Floyd [P-778035193] 1909
Francis [P-778035138]
Frank [P-778035459] 1889
Genevieve [P-778035127]
Genevieve Olivia [P-68821411] 1912-08-24
Gladys Florence [P-68821420] 1902-12-28
Harvey Lucius [P-778035536] 1872-06-21
Henry [P-56112105] about 1862
Ida May [P-778035048]
Jesserund June [P-68821415] 1910-11-17
John Brown [P-178911624] 1873-05-09
John Brown Jr [P-56139248] about 1910
John Green [P-778036202] 1858-02-26
John H [P-501256677] 1802-08-08
Kathleen Olivia [P-68821407] 1919-07-03
Kieth [P-778035149]
Lenore Irene [P-68821423] 1895-01-01
Lucinda Annis [P253306653] 1835-12-19
Lula Elizabeth [P-56112102] 1863-12-24
Margaret A [P253881298] 1841
Martha E [P-665909618] about 1828
Mary Elzora Zora [P-778035492] 1881
Mary I. [P-56112096] 1876
Mary Jane [P-674789424] about 1923
Mary Joyce [P-68821410] 1917-02-14
Mary Louise [P-178911622] 1914-10-14
Mary Molly Tabitha [P-778036200] 1859-04-00
Mattie [P-68821427] 1891-01-04
Mattye Bell [P-778036183] about 1891
MItchell [P-778034461]
Nancy "Donnie" [P-778035470] about 1887
Nancy Elizabeth [P-778036236]
Neva Jane [P-778034051] 1911-12-18
Oscoe [P-778035359]
Richard Elmo [P-56139249] about 1908
Richard Terrell [P-56120607] 1842-04-10
Roxie [P-778035570]
Roy Gilbert [P-778035558]
Ruby [P-778035698]
Ruth [P-56139246] about 1912
Taylor [P-778035503] about 1879
Taylor [P-778035656] 1843-05-00
Thomas [P-56112099] about 1869
Warn [P-778036676]
Willa [P-778035171] 1908
William [P-778035868]
William Jackson [P-778035603] 1867-06-29
William Malcom [P-778035667] 1838
William Ord [P-68821418] 1908-05-06
Will T. [P-778036678]
Zelda Faye [P-56130841] about 1901