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Letter Name
1 1st Ward, Bienville, Louisiana, United States [P0287]
3 323 Bethany Circle, Santa Cruz [P1101]
6 6th Ward, Claiborne, Louisiana, United States [P1621]
7 717 E 21st St, Oakland, Alameda, California [P0087]
A Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina, United States [P1963]
  Abbeville County, South Carolina, USA [P2241]
  Abbeville District, South Carolina, USA [P1965]
  Abbeville,S,, [P1786]
, , Abbeville, South Carolina [P0990]
A Abbeville, South Carolina [P2050]
  Abbeville, South Carolina, United States [P1024]
, , Abbeville, South Carolina, USA [P1343]
A Abbeville, , South Carolina, USA [P1866]
  Abilene, Dickinson, Kansas [P0741]
  Adair, Kentucky [P2055]
  Adams County, Washington [P1931]
, , Adams, Illinois, USA [P1391]
  , Adams, Washington, USA [P2106]
A Ada, OK [P2652]
  Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina [P0345]
  Aiken County, South Carolina [P1088]
  Aiken, South Carolina [P1547]
  Aiken Town, Aiken, South Carolina [P1086]
  Aiken Township (Excl. Aiken Town), Aiken, South Carolina [P2140]
  Al [P1898]
  AL [P0895]
  Alabama [P0068]
  Alabama or Louisiana [P2260]
  Alabama, United States [P0118]
, , , Alabama, USA [P0007]
A Alabama, USA [P1516]
  Alachuaco, Florida, United States [P1958]
  Alachua, Florida [P0142]
  Alaska [P1686]
, , , Alaska, USA [P2511]
A Albany, Gentry Co, MO [P1648]
  Albany, Gentry, Missouri [P0793]
  Albemarle, VA [P2307]
  Albemrle, , Virginia, USA [P1379]
  Albert listed as widower in 1920 census [P1776]
  Albion, Cassia Co, ID [P2630]
  Albion, Cassia, Idaho, United States [P2555]
  Albuquerque Ward 2, Bernalillo, New Mexico [P1192]
  Aldborough, Leeds, Yorks, England [P0946]
  Aldsworth, Gloucestershire, England [P2517]
  Alexander, Erath, Texas [P0423]
  Alexandria, Rapides, Louisiana [P0610]
  Alexandria, Rapides, Louisiana, USA [P2161]
  Almond, Randolph, Alabama [P0446]
  Almont, Lapeer, Michigan, United States [P1573]
  Alpine, Brewster, Texas [P0257]
  Alsea, Lincoln, Oregon [P0305]
  Alvarado, Johnson, Texas, USA [P1932]
  Alvarado, Or Cleburn, Johnson Co., TX [P0836]
  Amarillo, Potter, Texas, United States [P0064]
  Americas Twp, Lyon, KS [P1153]
  Americus, Lyon, Kansas [P0640]
  Andrew Co, MO [P2616]
, , Andrew, Missouri, USA [P2669]
  , Andrew, Missouri, USA [P2338]
A Andrew, Missouri, USA [P1822]
  Anniston, Calhoun, Alabama, United States [P1478]
  Anniston, Calhoun, Alabama, USA [P1301]
  Anson, North Carolina [P0870]
, , Anson, North Carolina, United States [P1890]
  , Anson, North Carolina, USA [P2095]
A Anthonies Mill, Washington, Missouri, USA [P2437]
  Apalachicola, Florida, USA [P2476]
  Apalachicola, Franklin, Florida [P2157]
  Apple Springs, Trinity, Texas, USA [P1260]
  AR [P1040]
  Arabi, Crisp, Georgia, USA [P1833]
  Arbacoochee, Cleburne, Alabama [P1826]
  Arcadia, Bienville, Louisiana [P1622]
  Arcadia, Bienville, Louisiana, USA [P2117]
  Arcadia, Louisiana, USA [P2521]
  Arizona [P2221]
  Ark [P0825]
  Arkansas [P0038]
, , , Arkansas [P2450]
A Arkansas City, Cowley, Kansas, United States [P1791]
  Arkansas City, Kansas [P2112]
, , , Arkansas, USA [P0256]
A Arkansas, USA [P1142]
  Arkansas Ward 3, Cowley, Kansas [P1790]
  Arlington, Fayette, Iowa, USA [P1085]
  Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas [P2494]
  Arlington, Tarrant, Texas, USA [P2497]
  Arlington, TX Hospital [P2280]
  Arnold, Custer, Nebraska [P0057]
  Arnold, Custer, Nebraska, United States [P0056]
, ,,AR,USA [P2037]
A Ashhland, Clay County, Alabama, USA [P1936]
  Ashkum, Iroquois, Illinois [P1304]
  Ashland, Clay, Alabama, USA [P1614]
  Ashland, Clay Co., Alabama, USA [P1032]
  Ashland, Clay County, Alabama, USA [P1117]
  Ashley, Arkansas, United States [P0962]
  Asotin [P2327]
  Atchison Co, KS [P2624]
  Atchison, Kansas, USA [P1226]
  Atchison Ward 5, Atchison, Kansas [P0959]
  Athens, Claiborne, Louisiana [P0346]
  Athens, Claiborne, Louisiana, USA [P0286]
  Athens, Gentry, Missouri [P1067]
  Athens, Gentry, Missouri, United States [P0496]
  Atlanta, Decalb Co, GA [P1314]
  Atlanta, De Kalb, Georgia, USA [P2174]
  Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia [P1462]
  Atlanta,Fulton,Georgia,USA [P1785]
  Atlanta Ward 2, Fulton, Georgia [P0998]
  Auburn, Lee, Alabama, USA [P0153]
  Augusta, Columbia, Georgia, USA [P1269]
  Augusta, Ga. [P2598]
  Augusta, Richmond, Georgia [P0765]
  Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, USA [P0805]
  Augusta Ward 3, Richmond, Georgia [P1441]
  Augusta Ward 4, Richmond, Georgia [P1337]
  Autauga County, AL [P1479]
  Aylmer, Elgin, Ontario, Canada [P2441]
B Baggs, Carbon, Wyoming [P0191]
  Baird, Callahan Co., Texas [P2319]
  Baird, Callahan, Texas, USA [P2588]
  Baldwinsville, Onondaga, New York, USA [P2195]
  Baldwyn, Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA [P1369]
  Banks, Washington County, OR [P2609]
  Banner,Calhoun,Mississippi,USA [P2141]
  Banner, mississippi [P2379]
  Barren Co., KY [P0835]
  Barton [P0740]
  Bartow., Polk Co., Florida [P2355]
  Bates Co, MO [P2124]
, , Bates, Missouri, USA [P2608]
  , Bath, Kentucky, USA [P0629]
B Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA [P0426]
  Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parrish, Louisianna [P1111]
  Bay City, Matagorda, Texas, USA [P1960]
  Baytown, Harris, Texas, United States of America [P1552]
  Beagle, Miami, Kansis, USA [P0178]
  Beat 12, Blount, Alabama, United States [P0431]
  Beat 2, Leake, Mississippi [P0069]
  Beat 3, Calhoun, Mississippi [P0189]
  Beat 4, Bell, Texas [P1449]
  Beat 5 and 22, Blount, Alabama, United States [P1868]
  Beat 5, Webster, Mississippi [P0720]
  Beat 8, Hopkins, Texas [P0787]
  Beat 9, Harrison, Texas, United States [P2491]
  Beaumont, Riverside, California [P1022]
  Bedford Co, TN [P2664]
  Bedford County, TN [P2660]
  Bedford, Tennessee [P1555]
, , Bedford, Tennessee, USA [P0567]
  , Bedford, Virginia, USA [P2344]
B Bedford, Wayne, Illinois, USA [P1940]
  Bee Branch, Chariton, Missouri [P1215]
  Bee Branch, Chariton, Missouri [P0921]
  Bee Branch, Chariton, Missouri, United States [P0603]
  Beeville, TX [P2685]
  Bef 1910 [P0695]
  Behistian, Quachita, Arkansas, USA [P2582]
  Belgium [P1500]
  Belleview [P1671]
  Bell Mill,Cleburne,Alabama,USA [P1924]
  Bell Mills, Alabama, USA [P1065]
  Bell Mills, Cleburne, Alabama [P0151]
  Bell Mills, Cleburne, Alabama, USA [P1623]
  Bell Mills,Cleburne,Alabama,USA [P2080]
  Bells Mill, Alabama, USA [P1792]
  Bells Mill, Cleburne, Alabama, United States [P0093]
  Bells Mills, Cleburne, Alabama, United States [P1908]
  Bells Mills,Cleburne,Alabama,USA [P2627]
  Bell, Texas, USA [P0000]
  Belmont, Washington [P2042]
  Benge, Adams, Washington [P1460]
  Benge, WA [P1234]
  Bennetstown, Christian, KY [P2650]
  Benton [P0379]
  Benton, Calhoun, Alabama, USA [P1517]
  Benton, Daviess, Missouri [P0016]
  Benton, Daviess, Missouri, United States [P0030]
  Benton, Lowndes, Alabama, United States [P1137]
  Benton, Lowndes, Alabama, USA [P0150]
  Benton, Taylor, Iowa [P0373]
  Benton, Taylor, Iowa, USA [P1594]
  Benton Township, Daviess, Missouri [P0485]
  Benton Tp, Missouri, USA [P1945]
  Bentonville, Benton, Arkansas, United States [P2005]
  Bertie Cty, NC [P0532]
, , Bertie, North Carolina, USA [P1491]
B Bethany, Harrison Co, MO [P2622]
  Bethany, Washington, Oregon, USA [P2293]
  Bethel, OR [P1461]
  Bethel, Polk Co., OR [P0654]
  Bettendorf, Iowa [P2113]
, , Bibb, Georgia, USA [P1593]
B Bienville Parish, , Louisiana, USA [P1807]
  Bienville Parish,,Louisiana,USA [P2359]
  Big River, St Francois, Missouri [P0210]
  Big Rock [P2175]
  Big Rock, Stewart Co.,Tn. [P1077]
  Big Rock, Stewart Co, TN [P0162]
  Big Rock, Stewart, Tennessee [P0285]
  Big Rock, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P1217]
  Big Rock, Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P2389]
  Billington, Adams, Washington [P0601]
  Birmingham [P1404]
  Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, United States of America [P1737]
  Bjornhovda,Torslunda Parish,Kalmar Lan,Sweden [P1761]
  Black Creek, Lexington, South Carolina [P1863]
  Black Dog, Osage, Oklahoma [P0368]
  Blackville, Barnwell, South Carolina, USA [P1378]
  Blackwell Ward 3, Kay, Oklahoma [P1667]
  Blount, Alabama [P1619]
  Blount, Alabama, United States [P1055]
, , Blount, Alabama, USA [P0190]
  , Blount, Alabama, USA or TN, per 1870 census [P2044]
  , Blount Co., AL [P2032]
  , Blount Co., Alabama [P1091]
B Blount Co., Alabama [P1615]
  Blount Co, , Alabama, USA [P0052]
  Blount Co., Alabama, USA [P1259]
  Blount Co., Tenn. [P2704]
  Blount County AL [P2594]
  Blount County, AL [P2252]
  Blount County, Alabama, USA [P1136]
  Blue, Jackson, Missouri [P1525]
  Blue Rapids, Marshall, Kansas, USA [P0094]
  Blue Springs Town, Jackson, Missouri [P0313]
  Bluffton, Llano, Texas [P1453]
  Boiling Springs, Cherry, Nebraska [P0970]
  Bolton, Cowley, Kansas [P0716]
  Boone Co, AR [P1326]
, , Boone, Indiana, USA [P1926]
B born 1831, per Jack LaPeer, correspondence of 3/5/97 [P1680]
  born 1831 per James Long [P1682]
  born, per Jack LaPeer [P2468]
  Both Franklin and Delaney buried at Pigrim Baptist Church, Yolobusha Co, MS. [P2322]
  Bourbon, Kentucky, United States [P2207]
, , Bourbon, Kentucky, USA [P1169]
B Bowie, Montague, Texas, United States [P2133]
  Bowling Green, Chariton, Missouri [P0877]
  Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky, United States [P2560]
  Boyd Hill Comm, Trigg, Ky [P1865]
  Bradenton, Manatee, Florida [P1569]
  Bradenton, Manatee, Florida, United States of America [P1669]
  Brant, Saginaw, Michigan, USA [P2146]
  Brazil, Washington, Missouri, USA [P2436]
  Breckenridge, Caldwell, Missouri, USA [P2069]
  Bremerton [P1179]
  Bremerton, Kitsap, WA [P0550]
  Bremerton, Kitsap, Washington [P0546]
  Bremerton, Kitsap, Washington, United States of America [P1178]
  Bremerton, WA [P1673]
  Briscoe, Texas [P1867]
  Bronte, Coke, Texas [P0100]
  Brookfield City, Linn, Missouri [P0241]
  Brookfield, Linn, Missouri [P0242]
  Brookfield, Linn, Missouri, USA [P0245]
  Brookfield Ward 1, Linn, Missouri [P0244]
  Brookfield Ward 4, Linn, Missouri [P0243]
  Brown Co., Indiana [P1912]
  Brown Co, KS [P2618]
, , Brown, Indiana, USA [P0800]
B Browning City (West Part), Sullivan, Missouri [P0012]
  Browning, Sulivan, Missouri, USA [P0229]
, ,Brown, Kansas, USA [P2318]
B Brubaker, , Illinois, USA [P2353]
  Bruce,Calhoun,Mississippi,USA [P1736]
  Bruce, Calhoun, MS, USA [P2378]
  Bruceville, CA [P0250]
  Brunswick, Virginia, United States [P0489]
, , Brunswick, Virginia, USA [P0628]
B Brush Praire, Clark Co, WA [P2680]
  Brush Prairie, , Iowa, USA [P1489]
  Buchanan county, Missouri [P1782]
  Buckeye, Graves, Rock Creek, Rock Lake, and Spring Valley Precincts, Spokane, Washington [P1167]
  Buckeye, Spokane, Washington [P0857]
  Bucklin, Linn, Missouri [P0130]
  Bucklin, Linn, Missouri, United States [P0129]
  Bucklin, Linn, Missouri, USA [P2445]
  Bucks, PA, USA [P1806]
  Bull Swamp, Lexington, South Carolina [P1570]
  Bull Swamp, Lexington, South Carolina, United States [P1896]
  Bumpus Mills, Stewart Co, TN [P0626]
  Bumpus Mills, Stewart Co., TN [P2591]
  Bumpus Mills, Stewart Co., TN  [P1999]
  Bumpus Mills, Stewart County, Tennessee [P2160]
  Bumpus Mills, Stewart, Tennessee [P0002]
  Bumpus Mills, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0197]
  Bumpus Mills, Stewart, Tennessee, United States of America [P1322]
  Bumpus Mills, Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P2094]
  Bumpus Mill, Stewart Co, TN [P0595]
  Bumpus Mills, TN (Stewart Co.) [P0479]
  Bunceton City, Cooper, Missouri [P0350]
  Bunceton, Cooper, Missouri [P0349]
  Bunceton, Cooper, Missouri, USA [P1656]
  Bunceton Ward 2, Cooper, Missouri [P1897]
  Buncombe County, North Carolina [P1845]
  buried Cornish Cemetery, Ringling, Oklahoma [P0676]
  Buried in Brush Prarie Cem., Clark Co., WA [P2553]
  buried in Midlothian, Tx., Midlothian Cemetary [P0552]
  Buried in Morgan Cemetery, Bumpus Mills, TN [P0948]
  buried in Waxahachie, Tx. Hillcrest Cemetary [P0438]
  buried Midlothian Cemetary, Midlothian, Tx. [P1758]
  buried Miller Ceme. Scio, OR [P1703]
  buried Mt. Peak Cemetary, Mt. Peak, Ellis Co., Tx. [P2317]
  buried on farm 5 miles southeast of Midlothian, Tx. [P1193]
  buried Palmyra Methodist cemetery [P1672]
, , Burke, North Carolina, USA [P1204]
  , Burlington, New Jersey, USA [P2524]
B Burnet County, Texas [P0322]
  Burnet, Texas [P0323]
  Burnham, Pawnee, Oklahoma [P1843]
, , Butler, Alabama, USA [P0406]
B Butler, Choctaw, Alabama, USA [P1513]
  Butler, Custe County Oklahoma, USA [P0220]
  Butler, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0401]
  Butler, Harrison, Missouri [P0967]
, , Butler, Kentucky, USA [P1889]
B Butler, Ohio, United States [P1342]
  Butterfield, Missouri, USA [P1771]
  Bybee, Cocke County, TN [P0490]
C CA [P2675]
  Cabell County, Virginia [P2426]
  Cabell, Virginia, United States [P1370]
  Cadiz City, Trigg, Kentucky [P0989]
  Cadiz, Kentucky [P2547]
  Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky [P2258]
  Cadiz,Trigg County, Kentucky [P0665]
  Cadiz, Trigg, Kentucky, USA [P0463]
  Cairo, Alexander, Illinois, United States [P0854]
  Calaveras, California [P1364]
  Calhoun [P2380]
  Calhoun, Alabama [P0119]
  Calhoun, Alabama, United States [P1272]
, , Calhoun, Alabama, USA [P0474]
C Calhoun Co., Al [P2131]
  Calhoun Co, AL [P2625]
  Calhoun County, Alabama, USA [P1507]
  Calhoun, Gordon Co, Georgia, USA [P1070]
  Calhoun, Harrison, Iowa [P1511]
  Calhoun, Mississippi, United States [P1915]
  California [P0216]
  California, Moniteau, Missouri [P0878]
, , , California, USA [P1612]
C California, USA [P0180]
  Calloway, Kentucky [P0774]
, , Calloway, Kentucky, USA [P1701]
C Calvert County, Maryland, USA [P2199]
  Calvert, Maryland [P2091]
, , Calvert, Maryland, USA [P1062]
C Calvert, Md. [P0543]
  Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas, USA [P1360]
  Camden, Ray, MO [P0391]
  Cameron, Clinton, Missouri, USA [P1350]
  Cameron, De Kalb, Missouri, USA [P0029]
  Campbell, Greene, Missouri [P0449]
  Campbell, Virginia, United States [P1060]
  Camp Douglas Chicago, , Illinois, USA [P1021]
  Camphll Tp, Missouri, USA [P2474]
  Camp Nelson, Arkansas [P1805]
  Canada [P0746]
, , , , Canada [P0084]
  , , Canada [P2691]
C Canaday [P0378]
  Canby, Clackamas, Oregon [P2298]
  Candler County, Ga. [P1892]
  Candler, Georgia [P0522]
, , Candler, Georgia, USA [P2190]
C Caney, Montgomery, Kansas, USA [P2641]
  Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, United States [P1804]
  Canton, Bern, Switzerland [P2392]
  Canton, Fulton, IL [P0045]
  Canton, Trigg Co, KY [P0021]
  Canton, Trigg, Ky [P2713]
  Canton, Trigg, KY [P1499]
  Canute, Washita, Oklahoma, USA [P1149]
  Canyon City, Randall, Texas, USA [P2038]
  Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States [P1717]
  Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA [P0904]
  Capt Thomas Bustins District, Putnam, Georgia, United States [P0066]
  Carbon County, Wyoming, USA [P2334]
  Carmona, Polk, Texas, USA [P0504]
  Carnegie, Caddo, Oklahoma [P0742]
  Carolina County, VA [P1551]
  Carroll, AR [P0609]
  Carroll, Arkansas [P1414]
  Carroll Co, AR [P0608]
  Carroll County or Cob County, Georgia, USA [P0336]
, , Carroll, Missouri, USA [P0789]
C Carrolloton, Dallas, Texas, USA [P2518]
  Carrollton, Carroll, Arkansas [P1327]
  Carrollton, Carroll, Arkansas, United States [P0994]
  Carrollton Township, Carroll, Arkansas [P0826]
  Carrolton,Greene Co.,ILL. [P0830]
  Carr, Tillman, Oklahoma [P0553]
  Carrytown, Edgefield, South Carolina, USA [P1918]
  Carson City, Lyon, Nevada, USA [P2191]
, , Carter, Kentucky, USA [P2386]
C Carter, Oklahoma [P1795]
  Casper, , Wyoming, USA [P2279]
  Cass Co., TX [P2584]
  Cassia Co, ID [P2629]
  Cass, IL [P0788]
  Cass, Missouri, United States [P2304]
  Castro Valley, Alameda Co., CA [P0297]
  Cedar Co, MO [P1057]
  Cedar Green, Dinwiddie, Virginia, USA [P1954]
  Cedar Hill, Dallas Co TX [P1722]
  Cedar Hill, Dallas, Texas, United States [P0751]
  Cedar Hill, Dallas, TX [P2671]
  Cedar Mill, Washington, Oregon, USA [P1490]
  Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia, USA [P2522]
  Chactaw, , Mississippi, USA [P1324]
  Chaffee, Scott, Missouri [P2065]
  Chamois, Osage, Missouri, United States [P2158]
  Chariton, Chariton, Missouri [P0166]
  Chariton, Chariton, Missouri, United States [P0165]
  Chariton Co, , Missouri, USA [P1442]
  Chariton Co, MO [P0396]
  Chariton Co, MO or Indiana per 1900 [P2364]
  Chariton County, Missouri, USA [P2604]
  Chariton County, MO [P0248]
  Chariton, Missouri [P2520]
  Chariton, Missouri [P2118]
, , Chariton, Missouri, USA [P1214]
  , Chariton, Missouri, USA [P0174]
  ,Chariton,Missouri,USA [P2371]
C Chariton, Missouri, USA [P2263]
  Chariton Township, Chariton, Missouri [P0169]
  Charles City County, Va. [P1851]
  Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina [P1662]
  Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, United States [P1909]
  Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA [P1380]
  Charlotteville, , Virginia, USA [P1657]
  Chatham, Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada [P1538]
, , Chelan, Washington, USA [P2572]
C Cheney, Spokane, Washington [P2408]
  Cherry cem Dist 4 - Henry Morgan’s farm [P2197]
  Cherry cemetery [P1069]
  Cherry cemetery, Big Rock, Stewart Co. TN [P0163]
  Cherry cemetery, Big Rock, Trigg Co, KY [P0234]
  Cherry Cemetery, Big Rock, Trigg Co, KY [P1907]
  Cherry cem - Henry Morgan’s farm [P1418]
  Chesanging, , Michigan, USA [P2084]
  Chesaning,,Michigan,USA [P0890]
  Chesaning, Saginaw, Michigan, USA [P2367]
, , Chester Co, South Carolina, USA [P0634]
C Chester Co, , South Carolina, USA [P1026]
  Chester, South Carolina, USA [P1793]
  Chester, Windsor, Vermont, USA [P1081]
  Chetopa, Labette, Kansas, USA [P2621]
  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States [P1904]
  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA [P1344]
  Chickasaw Co, , Mississippi, USA [P2394]
  Children of William G Morgan by Peggy Morgan e-mail, 27 feb 97 [P1078]
  Childress Co., Tx [P2725]
  Childress Co., TX [P0298]
  Chillicothe, Livingston County, Missouri [P2254]
  Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri, USA [P2070]
  Chilton, Falls, Texas, USA [P2284]
  Choccolocco, Calhoun, Alabama [P0802]
  Choccolocco, Calhoun, Alabama, United States [P1392]
  Choctaw Co, MS [P2639]
  Choctaw County, MS [P2162]
  Choctaw, Mississippi, United States [P0963]
  Choctaw, Mississippi, USA [P0432]
  Choctaw, Oklahoma [P2266]
  Chota, (Modoc) Edgefield, South Carolina [P2023]
  Christian Co, KY [P1073]
  Christian Co. KY [P2646]
  Christian Co., KY [P0480]
  Christian, Kentucky [P1778]
, , Christian, Kentucky, United States [P2177]
  , Christian, Kentucky, USA [P0384]
C Christian, KY [P1757]
  Christopher, Franklin, Illinois, United States [P0198]
  Chrisvian, KY [P0428]
  Chulafinnee, Cleburne, Alabama [P0070]
  Chulafinnee, Cleburne, Alabama, United States [P0061]
  Cimarron & Homestead Townships, Blaine, Oklahoma Territory [P1448]
  Cimarron, Major, Oklahoma [P0332]
  Cisco, Eastland, Texas, USA [P0811]
  City, Cleburne, Alabama, USA [P1112]
  Civil District 11, Stewart, Tennessee [P0330]
  Civil District 19, Montgomery, Tennessee [P0978]
  Civil District 3, Hardeman, Tennessee [P2189]
  Civil District 3, Stewart, Tennessee [P0385]
  Civil District 4, Montgomery, Tennessee [P0457]
  Civil District 4, Sevier, Tennessee [P1267]
  Civil District 4, Stewart, Tennessee [P0003]
  Civil District 5, Stewart, Tennessee [P0005]
  Civil District 7, Stewart, Tennessee [P0276]
  Civil District 8, Henry, Tennessee [P0209]
  Civil District 9, Stewart, Tennessee [P2229]
  Civil War [P1800]
  Clackamas, OR [P1271]
  Clark, Chariton, Missouri [P0678]
  Clark, Chariton, Missouri, USA [P2178]
  Clarke County, Alabama, USA [P2316]
  Clark’s Hill, Edgefield, South Carolina [P1340]
  Clarkston, Asotin, Washington, USA [P2325]
  Clarksville, Montgomery Co, TN [P1902]
  Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN [P1054]
  Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee [P2058]
  Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, United States [P1128]
  Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, United States of America [P0390]
  Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, USA [P0838]
  Clarksville, Montgomery, TN [P1447]
  Clarksville, Montgomery, TN, USA [P1674]
  Clarksville, Montg. TN [P2210]
  Clarksville, Tennessee (Montgomery County) [P2264]
  Clarksville, Tn. [P0389]
  Clarksville, TN (Montgomery Co.) [P2128]
  Clark, Washington [P0928]
  Clark, Washington, United States [P0702]
, , Clark, Washington, USA [P1670]
C Clay City, Clay, Illinois [P0538]
  Clay City, Clay, Illinois, United States [P0157]
  Clay City, Clay, Illinois, USA [P2223]
  Clay, Texas [P1143]
  Clayton [P0927]
  Clayton, Taylor, Iowa [P0930]
  Clayton, Taylor, Iowa, USA [P1044]
  Clear Branch, Washington County, Tennessee [P0612]
  Cleburne, Alabama, United States [P1825]
, , Cleburne, Alabama, USA [P0310]
C Cleburne, Alabama, USA [P1832]
  Cleburne Co, AL [P2628]
  Cleburne Co, Alabama, USA [P2705]
  Cleburne, Johnson, Texas, United States [P2127]
  Cleveland, Blount, Alabama, USA [P0268]
  Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA [P1947]
  Clewiston, Fl. [P1739]
  Clewiston, Hendry, Florida, United States [P0916]
, , Clinton, Ohio, USA [P0450]
C Cloud Chief Township (South Half), Washita, Oklahoma Territory [P0561]
  CO [P1155]
  Cocke County, TN [P1330]
  Cockrell Township, Chariton, Missouri [P0249]
  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho [P2586]
  Coeur D Alene Ward 3, Kootenai, Idaho [P0123]
  Coffee County, Alabama [P1775]
  Coffeyville, Montgomery, Kansas, USA [P2324]
  Coke, Texas [P2043]
  Colbert Co, Al [P1708]
  Coldsprings, South Carolina [P1130]
  Colfax, WA [P0361]
  Colleton, South Carolina [P1421]
  Collier, Edgefield, South Carolina [P2102]
  Collier, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P1194]
  Colliers, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0683]
  Colliers PO, Edgefield Dist, South Carolina, USA [P2373]
  Colliers Township, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0193]
  Collin Co, , Texas, USA [P0986]
  Collin County, Texas [P1125]
  Collin, Dallas County, Texas [P1047]
  Collins, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0018]
  Collins, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P0534]
  Collins, , Texas, USA [P2565]
  Collins Township, Edgefield, South Carolina [P2557]
  Collinsville, Rogers, Oklahoma, United States [P0782]
  Collyer Town, Trego, Kansas [P0097]
  Collyer, Trego Co., Kansas [P2619]
  Collyer, Trego, Kansas [P0096]
  Collyer, Trego, Kansas, USA [P0808]
  Colorado [P1328]
, , , Colorado, USA [P0666]
C Colton, San Bernardino, California [P1160]
  Columbia, Boone Co [P2631]
  Columbia Co. GA [P2248]
  Columbia County, Florida, USA [P2734]
  Columbia, Florida [P1937]
  Columbia, Florida, United States [P0470]
  Columbia, Georgia, United States [P2413]
, , Columbia, Georgia, USA [P1559]
C Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina [P2012]
  Columbia, SC [P1406]
  Columbia, Washington, United States [P1473]
  Columbus, Georgia, USA [P2576]
  Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia [P0055]
  Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia, USA [P1949]
  Columbus Ward 1, Muscogee, Georgia [P0618]
  Columbus Ward 5, Muscogee, Georgia [P0617]
, , Comanche, Texas, USA [P2692]
C Concho, Texas [P1504]
  Concordia, Cloud, Kansas, United States of America [P0725]
  Connecticut [P1384]
  Consequences, Sierra, New Mexico, USA [P1316]
  Conway, Iowa USA [P1146]
  Cooke, Texas, United States [P2089]
  Cooper, Kiowa, Oklahoma [P0932]
  Coopertown, Robertson, TN [P0251]
, , Coos, Oregon, USA [P0254]
C Copiah Co., Mississippi, USA [P2470]
  Cordell, Washita, Oklahoma, USA [P1402]
  Corrigan Town, Polk, Texas [P0650]
  Corsicana, Navarro, Texas, United States [P1481]
  Corsicana, Navarro, Texas, USA [P0649]
  Corydon, Harrison, IN [P0516]
  Corydon, Harrison, Indiana, USA [P0455]
  Cottage Grove, Lane, Oregon, USA [P0217]
  Couer d'Alene, Kootenai, Idaho [P2686]
  Council Bluffs, Pottawatamie, Iowa [P0952]
  Covington, Alabama [P2020]
  Covington, Garfield Co., Oklahoma [P0594]
  Cow Creek, Fletcher, and McQueen Precincts, Adams, Washington [P0214]
  Crawfordville, , Georgia, USA [P2053]
  Creek, Oklahoma [P0312]
  Crew’s Depot, AL [P0896]
  Crisp Co, Georgia [P1001]
  Cristoval,Tom Green,TX,USA [P1127]
  Crockery Township, Ottawa, Michigan [P0760]
  Crossroads, Calhoun, Alabama, USA [P1231]
, , Cullman, Alabama, USA [P2484]
C Cumberland, North Carolina, USA [P1494]
  Cumberland, Virginia, United States [P0876]
  Curran, Alcona, Michigan, USA [P1220]
  Curran, MI [P2699]
D Dade City, Florida, United States [P2420]
  Dade, Florida [P1810]
  Dallas,,Alabama,USA [P2496]
  Dallas, Collin, Texas, United States [P1591]
  Dallas, Collin, Texas, United States [P1280]
, , Dallas County, Texas [P2015]
D Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas [P1470]
  Dallas, Dallas Co, TX [P1140]
  Dallas, Dallas, Texas [P1746]
  Dallas, Dallas, Texas, United States [P2092]
  Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA [P1514]
  Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA [P0762]
  Dallas Precinct 22, Dallas, Texas [P1374]
  Dallas Precinct 30, Dallas, Texas [P0875]
  Dallas, Pulaski, Kentucky [P2440]
  Dallas, Texas [P0623]
  Dallas TX [P2673]
  Dallas,TX [P2597]
  Dallas, TX [P2676]
  Dallas Ward 2, Dallas, Texas [P1745]
  Dallas Ward 5, Dallas, Texas [P2134]
  Dallas Ward 6, Dallas, Texas [P1579]
  Dallas Ward 9, Dallas, Texas [P0127]
  Dalles, , Texas, USA [P1527]
  Dalton,Mo. [P0585]
  Dalton Village, Chariton, Missouri [P0333]
  Darlington,,South Carolina,USA [P1172]
  Davie, North Carolina [P1836]
  Daviess Co.,Missouri [P2556]
  Daviess Co, MO [P0965]
  Daviess Co., MO [P2593]
  DAVIESS CO, MO [P2731]
  Daviess county, Missouri [P0971]
  Daviess County, Missouri [P2530]
  Daviess County, Missouri, USA [P0580]
  Daviess, Kentucky [P1725]
, , Daviess, Missouri [P2088]
D Daviess, Missouri [P0581]
  Daviess, Missouri, United States [P2425]
, , Daviess, Missouri, USA [P0497]
  ,Daviess,Missouri, USA [P0810]
D Daviess, Missouri, USA [P1735]
, , Daviess, MO [P1533]
D Dawdells, Harris, Georgia [P2249]
  Dayton, Columbia, Washington [P0596]
  Dayton, WA [P1459]
  Dekalb,,Georgia,USA [P1923]
  Delaware, Leavenworth, Kansas [P1152]
  Deleon, Comanche, Texas, United States [P0569]
  De Leon, Comanche, Texas, United States [P0918]
  Delta, Clay, Alabama, USA [P1991]
  denton,texas [P1654]
  Dent, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma [P1266]
  Denver, Arapahoe, Colorado [P1156]
  Denver Ward 16, Denver, Colorado [P0668]
  Detroit, Wayne Co, Mich [P1098]
  Detroit, Wayne Co. Mich [P2314]
  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan [P1273]
  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States of America [P2471]
  Diana, TN [P1329]
, , Dickson, TN, USA [P2483]
D Died Of Measles Or Other Disease [P1815]
  Dijon, France [P2370]
  Dinuba, Tulare, California, USA [P0933]
  District 10, Stewart, Tennessee [P1239]
  District 11, Stewart, Tennessee [P0803]
  District 134, Columbia, Georgia [P2335]
  District 13, Henry, Tennessee [P2536]
  District 14, Cape Girardeau, Missouri [P1719]
  District 15, Carroll, Missouri [P0718]
  District 16, Cass, Missouri [P1732]
  District 183, Lincoln, Georgia, United States [P0296]
  District 186, Lincoln, Georgia, United States [P0635]
  District 18, Washington, Tennessee [P0357]
  District 18, Washington, Tennessee, United States [P0352]
  District 1, Christian, Kentucky [P1645]
  District 1, Tuscaloosa, Alabama [P0867]
  District 23, Talbot, Georgia [P0291]
  District 27, Daviess, Missouri [P0252]
  District 28, Benton, Alabama [P0471]
  District 2, Christian, Kentucky [P2234]
  District 2, Trigg, Kentucky [P1428]
  District 3, Stewart, Tennessee [P0284]
  District 3, Sullivan, Tennessee [P2170]
  District 45, Harrison, Indiana [P0515]
  District 4, Bedford, Tennessee [P1554]
  District 4 Bumpis Mills, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0270]
  District 4 Bumpis Mills, Stewart, Tennessee, United States  [P2489]
  District 4, Sevier, Tennessee, United States [P1264]
  District 4, Stewart, Tennessee [P0043]
  District 4, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P2575]
  District 4, Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P0828]
  District 50, Linn, Missouri [P0839]
  District 58, Moniteau, Missouri [P1318]
  District 5, Stewart, Tennessee [P0467]
  District 6, Franklin, Alabama [P0664]
  District 79, Township 9, Placer, California, USA [P0757]
  District 7, Boone, Indiana [P1389]
  District 7, Stewart, Tennessee [P1948]
  District 7, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0845]
  District 8, Humphreys, Tennessee [P1780]
  District 8, Montgomery, Tennessee [P0303]
  District 8, Montgomery, Tennessee, United States [P0856]
  District 8, Muscogee, Georgia [P0460]
  District 8, Muscogee, Georgia, United States [P1132]
  District 8, Stewart, Tennessee [P0441]
  Division 12, Gordon, Georgia [P0139]
  Division 4, Ellis, Texas [P2333]
  Division 4, Ellis, Texas [P0280]
  Division 7, Ellis, Texas [P1731]
  Dixon, Carbon, Wyoming, USA [P0452]
  Dodge, Ford, Kansas [P0809]
  Doniphan,,Kansas,USA [P2698]
  Don't know which is correct [P1681]
  Dorn’s Mine,Abbeville Co.,SC [P1875]
  Douglas Co, OR [P1154]
  Douglas, Kansas [P2126]
  Dover, Stewart Co, Tennessee, USA [P1707]
  Dover, Stewart Co, TN [P1658]
  Dover, Stewart County, TN [P2216]
  Dover, Stewart, Tennessee [P0062]
  Dover, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0264]
  Dover, Stewart, Tennessee, United States of America [P1484]
  Dover, Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P0733]
  Dover, Stewart, Tn [P1018]
  Dover, Tennessee (Stewart County) [P1770]
  Dover, Tennessee (Stewart County) [P0807]
  Dover Town, Stewart, Tennessee [P0846]
  Downey, CA [P1535]
  Downey Township, Los Angeles, California [P0063]
  Dresden, Navarro, Texas [P0506]
  Drew Co., AR [P2722]
  Drumright, Creek, Oklahoma, USA [P2554]
  Dry Fork, Carroll, Arkansas, United States [P0046]
  Duarte, Los Angeles, California [P0894]
  Dublin, Erath Co, Texas, USA [P1870]
  Dublin, Erath County, Texas, United States of America [P2225]
  Dublin, Erath, Texas [P0424]
  Dublin, Erath, Texas, USA [P0644]
  Dubuque Rd, Harrison, Boone, AR [P1159]
  Duncan, Sullivan, Missouri [P0010]
  Duncan, Sullivan, Missouri, United States [P0011]
  Dupree, Ziebach, South Dakota, USA [P2121]
  Dustin, Hughes, Oklahoma [P0047]
  Duval, Florida, United States [P2068]
  Dyer’s Creek, Big Rock, Stewart Co, TN [P0673]
  Dyer’s Creek, Big Rock, Stewart County, TN [P2533]
  Dyers Creek, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0624]
E Earl, Jefferson, Oklahoma [P0343]
  Easley, Blount, Alabama, USA [P2706]
  East Benton, Webster, Missouri [P0266]
  East Div, Blount Co, Alabama, USA [P2251]
  Eastern Division, Marshall, Alabama [P0136]
  Eastern Subdivision 12, Sevier, Tennessee [P2312]
  Eastern Subdivision, Blount, Alabama [P0008]
  Eastern Subdivision, Blount, Alabama, United States [P1873]
  Eastern Subdivision, Franklin, Alabama [P1037]
  East Feliciana Parish, , Louisiana, USA [P2403]
  East Half, Blount, Alabama [P1618]
  Eastland TX [P0478]
  Eastland, TX [P1465]
  Eastland, TX, USA [P1089]
  East Side Cahaba River, Bibb, Alabama [P1286]
  Eatonville, Pierce, Washington [P1300]
  Eckford, Calhoun, Michigan, United States [P0941]
  Edenburg, Grundy, Missouri,USA [P1988]
  Edgecombe Co. NC [P2642]
  Edgefield Co, SC [P2184]
  Edgefield Co., SC [P2283]
  Edgefield Co, SC or Columbia, Georgia [P2016]
  Edgefield Co. South Carolina [P0269]
  Edgefield Co., South Carolina [P2583]
  Edgefield County, SC [P2017]
  Edgefield County, South Carolina [P2544]
  Edgefield County, South Carolina (typhoid) [P1964]
  Edgefield County , South Carolina, USA [P1978]
  Edgefield County, South Carolina, USA [P0996]
  Edgefield District, Edgefield, SC [P1074]
  Edgefield District, SC [P1420]
  Edgefield District, S. C. [P2270]
  Edgefield District, South Carolina [P0652]
  Edgefield District, South Carolina, USA [P0943]
  Edgefield Dist.,SC [P2143]
  Edgefield Dist,,South Carolina,USA [P1063]
  Edgefield, Edgefield Co., South Carolina [P0744]
  Edgefield, Edgefield, SC, US [P1189]
  Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0019]
  Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P0688]
  Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States of America [P1827]
  Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina, USA [P0236]
  Edgefield,Edgefield,South Carolina,USA [P0075]
  Edgefield S.C. [P1919]
  Edgefield, SC [P0604]
, , Edgefield, South Carolina [P0991]
E Edgefield, , South Carolina [P2019]
  Edgefield, South Carolina [P0400]
  Edgefield, South Carolina. [P1906]
  Edgefield,South Carolina [P0397]
  Edgefield, South Carolina, 23 slaves [P0237]
, , Edgefield, South Carolina, USA [P0294]
  ,Edgefield,South Carolina,USA [P1251]
E Edgefield, , South Carolina, USA [P0126]
  Edgefield, ,South Carolina, USA [P1910]
  Edgefield, South Carolina, USA [P1433]
  Edgefield, South Carolina, USA [P2150]
  Edgefield,,South Carolina,USA [P0074]
  Edgfield, South Carolina [P1030]
  Edmond, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA [P2291]
  Edwardsville, Alabama, USA [P1577]
  either Trigg County KY or Stewart County TN [P1432]
  Elbert Co., Georgia [P2354]
  Elbert County, GA [P0082]
  Elbert District, Elbert, Georgia [P1633]
  Elbert, Georgia [P1634]
, , Elbert, Georgia, United States [P1754]
E Elbert, Georgia, United States [P0459]
, , Elbert, Georgia, USA [P2220]
E Elberton, Elbert, Georgia, USA [P1635]
  Eldon, Miller, Missouri, United States of America [P2330]
  Eldorado Ward 2, Saline, Illinois [P1568]
  Election Districts 15-16 Dixon, Baggs, Savery, Sand Creek, Sulphur & Pine Grove, Carbon, Wyoming [P0451]
  Elizabeth, Harrison, Indiana, USA [P1765]
  Elkton, KY (Todd Co.) [P2039]
  Elk Township (North Half), Washita, Oklahoma Territory [P1403]
  Ellard, Calhoun, Mississippi, United States [P0880]
  Ellensburg, WA [P2203]
  Ellis Co., Texas [P1469]
  Ellis County, Texas [P1463]
  Ellis, Texas [P0843]
  Ellis, Texas, United States [P0282]
, , Ellis, Texas, USA [P0040]
E Elmhurst, New York [P1375]
  El Monte, Los Angeles, California [P0925]
  Elmore, Alabama [P1925]
  Eloise, Wayne County, MI [P1749]
  Eloise, WayneCounty, MI [P0724]
  Eloise, Wayne County, Mich [P0576]
  El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USA [P2076]
  EL;Paso Tx [P0958]
  Emanuel [P0523]
  Emanuel County, Ga. [P1893]
  Emanuel, Georgia [P0524]
, , Emanuel, Georgia, USA [P1983]
E Emma and Anna are twins [P2546]
  Emma and Annie are twins [P0335]
  Emporia, Lyon, Kansas [P0183]
  Emporia, Lyon, Kansas, United States [P2103]
  Emporia, Lyon, KS [P0587]
  Emporia Ward 2, Lyon, Kansas [P0589]
  Emporia Ward 3, Lyon, Kansas [P0588]
  England [P0079]
  England, United Kingdom [P1884]
  Ennis, Ellis, Texas [P0842]
  Enterprise, Clarke, Mississippi, USA [P2375]
  Ephrata, Grant, Washington, USA [P2294]
  Erath Co, Texas, USA [P0225]
  Erath Co, TX [P2626]
  Erath County, Texas [P1177]
, , Erath County, Texas, United States of America [P2707]
E Erath, Texas, United States [P0292]
, , Erath, Texas, USA [P0795]
E Erath, Texas, USA [P0871]
  Erath, TX, USA [P0454]
  Ervin, Unicoi, Tennessee, United States [P0353]
  Erwin, Unicoi, Tennessee, USA [P2549]
  Erwin, Washington, Tennessee, USA [P0351]
  est Washington state [P2712]
  Ethel, Macon, Missouri, USA [P0128]
, , Etowah, Alabama, USA [P2702]
E Eugene, OR [P0961]
  Eugene, Oregon, USA [P1838]
  Eupora, Webster, Mississippi, United States [P2297]
  Eureka, Kingman, Kansas [P1558]
  Evansville, Indiana [P1509]
  Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana [P0006]
  Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, United States [P0879]
  Evansville Ward 3, Vanderburgh, Indiana [P2056]
  Evan Township, Kingman, Kansas [P0712]
  Everett, WA [P1861]
  Evergreen Cemetery, Rosalia, Spokane, Washington [P1628]
F Fairbury, Jefferson, Nebraska [P2066]
  Fairfield [P1084]
  Fairfield, Fayette, Iowa [P1082]
  Fairfield, Fayette, Iowa, USA [P1539]
, , Fairfield, Ohio, USA [P2610]
F Fairfield, South Carolina [P0633]
  Fair Garden, Sevier, Tennessee, United States [P2421]
  Fairlawn and South McMinnville Precincts (Excl. McMinnville City), Yamhill, Oregon [P0495]
  Fairview, Greenville, South Carolina [P1223]
  Falls City, Jerome, Idaho, United States [P0658]
  Fannin Co, TX [P2632]
  Fannin Co., TX [P2694]
, , Fannin, Texas, USA [P1347]
  ,Fannin,TX,USA [P2729]
F Farmersville, TX [P1133]
  Färnebo [P1997]
, ,Färnebo,Värmland,Sweden [P1660]
F Färnebo,Värmland,,Sweden [P0034]
  Fayette, Fayette, Iowa, United States [P1969]
, , Fayette, Iowa, USA [P2397]
F Fernebo, Varmland, Sweden [P0456]
  First name of Abithal provided by Jack LaPeer, correspondence of 3/5/97 [P1696]
  First name was Eliza [P1203]
  Fish Creek, Door, Wisconsin, USA [P1993]
  Fisher Spring, Hopkins, Kentucky [P1549]
  Fishers Springs, Hopkins, Kentucky, United States [P0651]
, , Fisher, Texas, USA [P1443]
F Five Mile, Hale, Alabama [P1250]
  Florida [P2120]
  Florida, United States [P0469]
, , , Florida, USA [P2006]
F Flushing, Queens, New York, United States of America [P1376]
  Forest City, Holt, Missouri, United States [P0889]
  Forest City, , Nebraska, USA [P1984]
  Forest Park, Cook, Illinois [P0565]
  Forest, Texas, United States [P1138]
  Forsythe, Georgia, United States [P1759]
  Fortson, Muscogee, Georgia, United States [P2290]
  Fortuna, CA [P2208]
  Fort White, Columbia, Florida [P0143]
  Fort White, Columbia, Florida, United States [P0261]
  Fort Worth, Denton County, Texas [P1046]
  Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas [P0314]
  Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, United States [P0736]
  Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, United States of America [P1148]
  Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA [P1584]
  fort worth, texas [P1879]
  Fort Worth Texas [P1275]
  Fourth Plains, Clark, Washington [P2451]
  France [P0145]
  Franklin Co, Al [P0663]
  Franklin Co., Virginia [P2122]
, , Franklin, Georgia, USA [P0832]
F Franklin, , Tennessee, USA [P1019]
  Frederick City, MD [P1480]
  Free Cemetary, Legate TN [P0735]
  Fresno, California [P0526]
  Fresno, Fresno, California, USA [P0525]
  Fruithurst, Alabama, USA [P2156]
  Ft. Lauderdale, Broward, Florida, USA [P2349]
  Ft Worth, , Texas, USA [P1205]
  Fulton, Callaway, Missouri [P2296]
  Fulton, Callaway, Missouri, United States [P2295]
  Fulton County, Illinois, USA [P2696]
G Ga [P0327]
  GA [P1606]
  Gaddsen Co., Florida [P1797]
  Gaines Mill, VA [P2510]
  Gainesville, Alachua, Florida, United States [P2733]
  Gainesville, Cooke, Texas, United States [P2369]
  Gainesville, Hancock, Mississippi [P2479]
  GA or TX? [P2535]
  Garfield, Whitman, Washington, USA [P1750]
  Garland, Dallas, Texas, United States of America [P2062]
  Gastonia, Gaston, North Carolina [P1381]
  Gastonia, Gaston, North Carolina, USA [P1493]
  Gastonia Ward 5, Gaston, North Carolina [P1436]
  Gastonia Ward 7, Gaston, North Carolina [P1437]
  gen 5 [P2469]
  gen 6 [P0734]
  gen 7 [P0340]
  General, Cebu, Philippines [P1157]
  Gentry County, Missouri, USA [P0360]
  Gentry, Missouri [P2192]
, , Gentry, Missouri, USA [P1349]
G George Wallace cem, Stewart Co [P0738]
  Georgia [P0113]
  Georgia, United States [P0167]
, , , Georgia, USA [P0051]
  ,,Georgia,USA [P1417]
G Georgia, USA [P1317]
  Germantown, Multnomah, Oregon [P1096]
  Germany [P0739]
, , , , Germany [P2071]
G Germany? [P0984]
  Geuda Town, Sumner, Kansas [P2027]
  Gilbert, Franklin, Louisiana, USA [P1009]
  Gilbertsville, Marshall, Kentucky, USA [P0770]
, , Giles, Tennessee, USA [P1072]
G Gilroy, Santa Clara, California [P1774]
  Girard, Russell, Alabama [P2136]
  Glendale, Los Angeles, California [P1398]
  Glenn, California [P2405]
  Goochland,Virginia,USA [P1424]
  Gordon Co., Ga. [P0146]
  Gordon County, Georgia [P2196]
  Gordon County Georgia, USA [P0219]
  Gordon, GA, USA [P0453]
, , Gordon, Georgia, USA [P0710]
G Gordon, Georgia, USA [P0133]
  Grady, Georgia, United States [P1400]
  Granberry Town, Hood, Texas [P1583]
  Granite City, Il. [P1079]
  Granite City, , Illinios, USA [P2278]
  Granite City Illinois [P2342]
  Granite City, Illinois [P0974]
  Granite City, Madison County, Illinois [P2472]
  Granite City, Madison, Illinois [P1796]
  Granite City, Madison, Illinois, USA [P1115]
  Graniteville, Aiken County, South Carolina [P0864]
  Grant, Choctaw County, Oklahoma, USA [P2182]
  Grant, Edgefield, South Carolina [P1121]
  Grant, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P2504]
  Grant, Indian Territory [P0862]
  Granville Cty, SC [P0544]
, , Granville, North Carolina, USA [P0937]
G Granville, South Carolina, USA [P0944]
  Graves, Kentucky, United States [P2168]
  Graymont, Emanuel County, Ga. [P2638]
  Graymont, Emanuel County, Georgia, USA [P2060]
  Grayson, Ellis, Texas, United States [P2351]
  Grayson, Texas [P1626]
  Great Britain [P0849]
  Greene Co, Greenville, Tennessee, USA [P2666]
, , Greene, Tennessee, USA [P2548]
  ,Greene,Tennessee,USA [P1173]
G Greene,,Tennessee,USA [P0131]
  Green Forest, Carroll, AR [P1415]
  Green Forest, Carroll, Arkansas, USA [P1041]
  Greenup, Greenup, Kentucky, USA [P0359]
  Greenwood, Greenwood, South Carolina [P1222]
  Greenwood, S. C. [P2271]
  Greenwood, South Carolina, USA [P1675]
  Gregg, Aiken, South Carolina [P1119]
  Greggsville, , Illinois,USA [P1455]
  Gregg, Texas [P2230]
, , Gregg, Texas, USA [P1743]
G Grenzach, Lorrach, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany [P1601]
  Griffis Cemetery, Edgefield, South Carolina, USA [P2512]
  Griggsville, Pike, Illinois [P1385]
  Grimmet, Howell, Missouri, USA [P0230]
  Grimmet, Howell, MO [P2653]
  Grove, Greenville, South Carolina [P0228]
  Grundy, Missouri, USA [P1557]
  Guadalupe County, Texas [P2736]
  guess Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P2108]
  Guida Springs, KS [P1296]
  Guilford, North Carolina, USA [P2449]
  Guntown, Lee, Mississippi, USA [P1396]
  Guthrie, Todd, Kentucky, United States of America [P2388]
  Guymon, Texas, Oklahoma, United States [P2104]
, , Hale, Alabama, USA [P0445]
H Hall Co, Georgia, USA [P1834]
  Hall County, Georgia [P1176]
, , Hall, Georgia, USA [P1468]
H Hall, Georgia, USA [P1541]
  Hallsville, Harrison, Texas, USA [P2075]
  Hamburg Town, Aiken, South Carolina [P0755]
  Hamden, Chariton, Missouri, USA [P0240]
  Hamden, MO [P2204]
  Hamilton Co, TX [P1139]
  Hamilton, TX [P2040]
  Hamlin, Jones, Texas [P1325]
  Harbin, Erath County, Texas [P1110]
  Hardeman Co., TN [P2045]
  Hardeman County, Texas, USA [P2188]
  Harlem, Columbia, Georgia [P2109]
  Harlem, Columbia, Georgia, USA [P2018]
  Harrisburg, Sevier, Tennessee, United States [P1265]
  Harris City, Meriwether, Georgia [P1124]
  Harris Co. Georgia [P2602]
, , Harris, Georgia, USA [P2250]
H Harrison Co, IN [P2688]
  Harrison Co, MO [P0028]
  Harrison Co. MO [P1647]
  Harrison County, Texas [P1201]
  Harrison County, Texas, USA [P2277]
  Harrison, Harrison, Indiana [P2309]
  Harrison, Harrison, Indiana, USA [P1760]
  Harrison, Indiana [P1860]
, , Harrison, Indiana, USA [P0328]
H Harrison, Missouri [P1685]
, , Harrison, Missouri, USA [P2714]
H Harrodsburg, Mercer, Kentucky, USA [P0231]
  Hart, Stewart, Tennessee [P0881]
" “Hassar”(Hesse-Darmstadt?),Germany [P2433]
H Hattiesburg, Forrest, Mississippi, USA [P0447]
  Hatton, Adams, Washington [P1930]
  Hatton and Lind Precincts, Adams, Washington [P0602]
  Havana, Yell, Arkansas, USA [P0499]
  Hayti, Pemiscot, Missouri [P2443]
  Haywood, North Carolina [P2115]
  Hazel Hill, Johnson, Missouri [P1841]
  Hazel Hill, Johnson, Missouri, United States [P0121]
  Heflin, Cleburne, Alabama [P0315]
  Heflin, Cleburne, Alabama, United States [P1705]
  Heflin, Cleburne, Alabama, United States of America [P1981]
  Heflin, Cleburne, Alabama, USA [P1597]
  Heflin,Cleburne,Alabama,USA [P2079]
  Heflin, Cleburne County, Alabama, USA [P0060]
  Heflin, Webster, Louisiana, USA [P0818]
  Heifner, Washita, Oklahoma [P0377]
  Helena MT [P1663]
, , Henderson, Texas, USA [P1959]
H Henrietta, Clay, Texas [P0768]
  Henrietta, Clay, Texas, United States [P2010]
  Henrietta, Clay, TX, USA [P1144]
  Henry, Henry, Tennessee, United States [P0745]
  Henry, Payne, Oklahoma [P0657]
, , Henry, Tennessee, USA [P0726]
H Hepler, Crawford, Kansas [P1191]
  Hepler, Crawford, Kansas, United States [P0977]
  Hermiston, Umatilla, OR, USA [P1103]
  Her parents home in Midlothian, Ellis Co, TX [P2677]
  Herrin, Illinois [P2527]
  Herrins Prairie, Williamson, Illinois [P0271]
  Herrin, Williamson, Illinois [P1039]
  Herrin, Williamson, Illinois, USA [P2488]
  Hiawatha, Brown, Kansas, USA [P1998]
  Hibler, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P0295]
  Hibler, Talbert Townships, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0821]
  Hidalgo Co., TX [P2357]
  High Springs, Alachua, Florida, United States [P1006]
  High Springs, Alachue County, Florida, USA [P0953]
  High Springs, Florida, USA [P1033]
  Hillsboro, TX [P1939]
  Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, USA [P2430]
  Hill, Texas, United States [P2427]
  Hohenlinden, Webster, Mississippi, USA [P2181]
  Holbecke, England [P1383]
  Holbrook, Multnomah, Oregon [P0381]
  Holbrook, Multnomah, Oregon, United States [P0697]
  Holbrook, Washington, Oregon, USA [P2442]
  Holden Ward 4, Johnson, Missouri [P1323]
  Home of her sister, Carrie Byrd Griffis (widow of Robert C.) [P1076]
  Honolulu, Hawaii [P2187]
  Hopewell, Aiken, South Carolina [P2013]
  Hopkins County, Texas, USA [P2693]
  Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky, United States [P1216]
  Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky, United States of America [P0383]
  Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky, USA [P2194]
  Hopkinsville, KY [P2662]
  Horrsjöhyttan,Färnebo,Värmland,Sweden [P0110]
  Horrsjön,Färnebo,Värmland,Sweden [P0785]
  Horrsjön, Varmlands, Sweden [P0910]
  Horse Cave, Kentucky (Hart County) [P1871]
  Horssjöhyttan, Färnebo, Värmland  [P1209]
  House of James Mosley [P2654]
  Houston, Harris, Texas, USA [P1357]
  Houston,Harris,TX,USA [P0865]
, , Howard, Missouri, USA [P1812]
H Howell, Posey, Indiana [P2410]
  Hugo, CO [P2205]
  Hunnington, Tennessee, United States [P2262]
  Huntington Beach, Orange, California, United States of America [P1794]
  Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama, USA [P2183]
  Huntsville, MO [P1245]
, , Hunt, Texas, USA [P2411]
H Hutchinson, Kansas, USA [P1219]
  Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas, USA [P0950]
  Hutchinson Ward 4, Reno, Kansas [P1218]
I IA [P2356]
  Idaho [P0122]
  IL [P1002]
  IL, Alexander, Illinois, United States [P1956]
  Illinois [P0533]
  Illinois, United States [P1303]
, , , Illinois, USA [P0201]
I IN [P0980]
  Independence, Appanoose, Iowa [P2275]
  Independence, Jackson, Missouri, United States [P1839]
  Independence, Washington, Texas [P2362]
  Independent Twp, Appanoose, Iowa [P2274]
  Indiana [P0508]
  Indiana or Kentucky [P0790]
, , , Indiana, USA [P0224]
  ,,Indiana,USA [P0922]
I Indian Mound, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0439]
  Indian Territory [P0931]
  Indian Territory/OK [P1715]
  Iowa [P0372]
  Iowa City, Wright, Iowa, United States [P1616]
  Iowa, Doniphan, Kansas, USA [P1288]
  Iowa, MO per 1880 census [P0164]
  Iowa, United States [P1769]
  Iowa, USA [P2217]
  Iowa, USA [P1565]
  Ireland [P0670]
, , , , Ireland [P0443]
I Ireland, United Kingdom or SC [P1880]
  Iron City, Calhoun, Alabama [P0091]
  Iron City, Cleburne, Alabama, United States [P1092]
  Irving, Brown, Kansas [P1052]
  Irving, Brown, Kansas Territory [P1386]
  Irving, Brown, Kansas, United States [P0556]
  Irving, Dallas County, TX [P0691]
  Irving, Marshal Co., Kansas. [P2152]
  Irving Township, Brown, Kansas [P1542]
  Irving, Zumwalt, and Bailey Precincts, Lane, Oregon [P0086]
  Irwin, Brown, Kansas [P0555]
  Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas [P2123]
  Island, McLean, Kentucky [P1567]
  Isle of Wight Co. VA [P1123]
  Iste,Arbra,Halsingland,Sweden [P0945]
, , Itawamba, Mississippi [P1171]
I Itawamba, Mississippi [P1170]
J Jack Co., Texas [P0149]
  Jackson, Andrew, Missouri [P0884]
  Jackson, Brown, Indiana, USA [P0155]
  Jackson Cemetery [P0416]
, , Jackson, Mississippi, USA [P1856]
J Jackson Township, Brown, Indiana [P2025]
  Jackson Township (South Hlaf), Greene, Missouri [P1114]
  Jacksonville, Duval Co., Flordia, USA [P1652]
  Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, United States [P1118]
  Jacksonville, St Johns, Florida, United States [P1064]
, , Jack, Texas, USA [P1354]
J James & Pine Townships, Stone, Missouri [P1294]
  Jamestown, Bienville, Louisiana, USA [P1971]
  Jamestown, Chattahoochee, Georgia, USA [P0905]
  Jamestown, James City, Virginia, United States [P1727]
  Jamestown, James City, Virginia, USA [P1492]
  Jamestown, Va. [P0325]
  Jasper, Georgia, United States [P2730]
, , Jasper, Georgia, USA [P2171]
J Jefferson, Alabama, United States [P2600]
  Jefferson, Buchanan, Missouri, USA [P1608]
  Jefferson County AL [P1508]
  Jefferson County, Georgia [P2034]
, , Jefferson, Texas, USA [P2111]
J Jennings, Owen, Indiana, United States [P0509]
  Jet, Alfalfa, Oklahoma, USA [P2147]
  John didn't go to MO with rest of family [P2467]
  Johnson City, Blanco, Texas [P1445]
  Johnson, Missouri, United States [P1109]
, , Johnson, Texas, USA [P1410]
J Johnson, Washington, Missouri [P1562]
  Johnston, Edgefield, South Carolina [P1353]
  Johnston, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P0775]
  Joliet, IL [P1704]
  Joliet, Will, Illinois, USA [P1488]
  Jones, Taylor, Texas, USA [P0763]
  Jordan Springs, Tennessee, United States [P1005]
  Junction, Kimble, Texas, USA [P1720]
  Justice Precinct 1-2, 5 (Part), Knox, Texas [P1229]
  Justice Precinct 1, Archer, Texas [P1042]
  Justice Precinct 1, Brewster, Texas [P2031]
  Justice Precinct 1, Ellis, Texas [P0179]
  Justice Precinct 1 (Excl. Jacksboro Town), Jack, Texas [P0148]
  Justice Precinct 1, Kaufman, Texas [P1281]
  Justice Precinct 1, Knox, Texas [P0912]
  Justice Precinct 1, McLennan, Texas [P2011]
  Justice Precinct 1, Montague, Texas [P0625]
  Justice Precinct 1, Wheeler, Texas [P0403]
  Justice Precinct 2 (All Northwest of R.R. Excl. Dublin City), Erath, Texas [P0101]
  Justice Precinct 2, Childress, Texas [P0728]
  Justice Precinct 2, Clay, Texas [P0767]
  Justice Precinct 2, Coke, Texas [P0102]
  Justice Precinct 2, Erath, Texas [P0425]
  Justice Precinct 2, Hall, Texas [P0621]
  Justice Precinct 2, Navarro, Texas [P1282]
  Justice Precinct 2, Tarrant, Texas [P1187]
  Justice Precinct 2, Trinity, Texas [P1580]
  Justice Precinct 3, Grimes, Texas [P0078]
  Justice Precinct 3, Runnels, Texas [P1444]
  Justice Precinct 4 (All North & East of R.R. Excl. Bowie Town), Montague, Texas [P2132]
  Justice Precinct 4, Cass, Texas [P0247]
  Justice Precinct 4, Hardeman, Texas [P0677]
  Justice Precinct 4, Harrison, Texas [P2074]
  Justice Precinct 5, Comanche, Texas [P1312]
  Justice Precinct 5, Hopkins, Texas [P1274]
  Justice Precinct 5 (South Half Excl. Deleon Town), Comanche, Texas [P1313]
  Justice Precinct 6, Dallas, Texas [P0283]
  Justice Precinct 6, Ellis, Texas [P0344]
  Justice Precinct 6, Erath, Texas [P0134]
  Justice Precinct 6, Polk, Texas [P0505]
  Justice Precinct 6, Presidio, Texas [P0258]
  Justice Precinct 7, Chambers, Texas [P0656]
  Justice Precinct 7, West Dallas Voting Precinct, Dallas, Texas [P0090]
  Justice Precinct 8 (East Part), Erath, Texas [P0872]
K Kansas [P0104]
  Kansas City, Clay, Missouri, USA [P1599]
  Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA [P1545]
  Kansas City, Missouri [P1802]
  Kansas City Ward 16, Jackson, Missouri [P1848]
  Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas, United States [P0698]
, , , Kansas, USA [P1702]
K Kansas, USA [P2495]
  Kaufman, Kaufman, Texas, United States [P1482]
  Kaufman, Texas [P1020]
  Keller, Tarrant County, Texas [P2202]
  Kelseyville, Lake, California, USA [P0799]
  Kemper County, Mississippi, [P1537]
  Kentucky [P0208]
, , , Kentucky [P2014]
K Kentucky, Lyon, Iowa, United States [P0915]
  Kentucky or NC [P1733]
  Kentucky, or PA, is there a problem here? [P1858]
  Kentucky, United States [P0590]
, , , Kentucky, USA [P0564]
  , Kentucky, USA [P1640]
K Kentucky, USA [P0577]
  Kern, California [P1773]
  Kerton, Fulton, Illinois [P0983]
  Keys, Stanislaus County, California, USA [P2029]
  Keytesville, Chariton Co, MO [P1813]
  Keytesville, Chariton County, Missouri [P2099]
  Keytesville, Chariton, Missouri [P0388]
  Keytesville, Chariton, Missouri, United States [P2382]
  Keytesville, Chariton, Missouri, United States [P0386]
  Keytesville, Chariton, Missouri, USA [P2077]
  Keytesville, Chariton, Missouri, USA [P0394]
  Keytesville Township (North Part), Chariton, Missouri [P0708]
  Kickapoo, Leavenworth, Kansas [P2292]
  King City, Gentry, Missouri [P2578]
  Kingman, Arizona [P2081]
  King Queen Va, Amelia, Virginia, USA [P1777]
  Kiowa, Oklahoma [P0319]
  Kirksville State Teachers College [P1247]
  Kirksville Ward 4, Adair, Missouri [P0662]
  Kitchen, Hopkins, Kentucky, United States [P0429]
  Kitchen, Hopkins, Kentucky, USA [P0430]
  Kitsap [P2098]
, , Kitsap, Washington, USA [P2097]
K Knott Cem Stewart Co [P2110]
  Knox City, Knox, Texas, USA [P0041]
  Knox Co., Kentucky [P1911]
, , Knox, Illinois, USA [P0748]
K Knoxville, TN [P2138]
  Kobe, Japan [P1395]
  Kootenai [P1586]
  KS [P0181]
  KY [P0421]
L LA [P0363]
  Lafayette, Christian, Kentucky, United States [P0827]
, , Lafayette County, Missouri [P2253]
L Lafayette, Kentucky [P0337]
  Lafayette, Missouri, United States [P2350]
  Lake Charles, Calacasieu Co LA [P1213]
  Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana, United States of America [P1724]
  Lake City, Columbia, Florida, United States [P0200]
  Lake City, Flordia [P2477]
  Lake City, Florida [P0144]
  Lakewood, Los Angeles, California, USA [P2148]
  Lamar, Missouri, United States [P2185]
  Lamb [P1666]
  La Mesa, San Diego, California, United States of America [P0924]
, , Lancaster, South Carolina, United States [P2176]
L Lancaster Town, Dallas, Texas [P0723]
  Lancaster, TX [P1996]
  Lancaster, Wells, Indiana [P1883]
  Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States [P2212]
, , Lane, OR [P1502]
L Långbanshyttan, Färnebo  [P1966]
  Lankershim, Los Angeles, California [P0205]
  Lansing, Clinton, Michigan, USA [P0415]
  Lantry, Dewey, South Dakota, USA [P0156]
  LA or TX [P1920]
, , Lapeer, Michigan, USA [P1899]
L Las Vegas, NV [P2119]
, , Lawrence, Alabama, USA [P0267]
L Lawrence Co., OH [P2368]
  Lawrence Co.,Ohio [P0583]
  Lawrence Co., Ohio [P0672]
  Lawrence, Douglas Co., KS* [P2003]
, , Lawrence, Ohio, USA [P0218]
L Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, Georgia, United States [P2261]
  Layfayette, Kentucky, United States [P0232]
  Leadville City, Lake, Colorado [P1709]
  Leadville, Lake, CO [P1814]
  Leadville, Lake, Colorado [P1714]
  Leakey, Real, Texas, USA [P1721]
  Leavenworth Co, KS [P2365]
  Leavenworth, Kansas [P0979]
  Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co. KS [P1366]
  Leavenworth, Leavenworth, Kansas [P0202]
  Leavenworth, WA [P1254]
  Leavenworth Ward 1, Leavenworth, Kansas [P1365]
  Leavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth, Kansas [P0498]
  Lebanon, Haywood, Tennessee, United States [P0874]
  Le Cine, IL [P0692]
  Lee, Alabama [P1627]
  Lee County, Mississippi, USA [P2227]
  Leeds, Yorkshire, England [P0939]
  Lees, Logan, Kansas [P0182]
  Leesville, Vernon, Louisiana, USA [P0411]
  Legate, Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P2500]
  Lenox, Taylor, Iowa [P1190]
  Leon, Decatur, Iowa, USA [P1544]
  Levelland, Hockley, Texas [P2151]
  Lewis [P2326]
  Lewiston, Nez Perce, Idaho, USA [P2444]
  Lewisville, Tx. [P2689]
  Lexington, Dawson, Nebraska, USA [P2206]
  Liberty, Georgia [P0976]
  Licking,,Ohio,USA [P2243]
  Lincoln [P1529]
  Lincoln Co, Ga [P2732]
  Lincoln Co., Georga, USA [P2226]
  Lincoln Co, Georgia [P0997]
  Lincoln Co., Georgia [P0141]
  Lincoln County, Georgia, USA [P0067]
  Lincoln County, Tennessee, USA [P1649]
  Lincoln, Garfield, Oklahoma [P0419]
  Lincoln, Georgia [P1600]
  Lincoln, Georgia, United States [P1025]
, , Lincoln, Georgia, USA [P1522]
L Lincoln, Georgia, USA [P2481]
  Lincoln, Linn, Kansas [P0981]
, , Lincoln, North Carolina, USA [P1718]
L Lincoln & Otter Townships, Garfield, Oklahoma Territory [P0554]
  Lincoln, Talladega, Alabama [P0631]
  Lincolnton, Georgia, USA [P2377]
  Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., Georgia, USA [P1651]
  Lincolnton, Lincoln, Georgia [P0975]
  Lincolnton, Lincoln, Georgia, United States [P1728]
  Lincolnton, Lincoln, Georgia, USA [P0607]
  Lincoln Township, Linn, Kansas, USA [P1859]
  Lind, Adams Co, WA [P2612]
  Lind, Adams, Washington [P0598]
  Lind, Washington [P1846]
  Linn Co, KS; married @ the home of Mrs. Anne Barnes; S J J Thacker minister. [P2697]
  Linn, IA [P2668]
  Linn, Iowa [P1147]
  Linn, Iowa [P1596]
  Linn, Linn, Iowa, United States [P1803]
, , Linn, Missouri, USA [P0840]
L Linnton, Multnomah, Oregon [P0306]
  Linnton, Oregon, United States [P0859]
  Linnton, , Oregon, USA [P2398]
  Linton, Multnomah, Oregon [P0382]
  Linton, Trigg, Kentucky [P1094]
  Linton, Trigg, Ky [P2257]
  Little Rock, Pulaski, AK [P1236]
  Lived In Desoto, TX [P2041]
  Live Oak, Suwannee, Florida [P0414]
  Liverpool [P0851]
  Liverpool, England [P0638]
  Livingston, Missouri, USA [P1990]
  Llano County, Texas [P0935]
  Llano,Llano,TX,USA [P0540]
  Llano, Texas [P1257]
  Llano , Texas, USA [P1401]
  Llano, , Texas, USA [P0223]
  Llano,Tow Valley,DC,USA [P0866]
  Location unknown [P0850]
  Lodi, San Joaquin, California, USA [P2657]
  Logan [P2341]
  Logan County, Nebraska [P0539]
, , Logan, Kentucky, USA [P0743]
L Long Beach, California [P1113]
  Long Beach, Los Angeles, California [P2107]
  Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States of America [P2416]
  Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California, USA [P2313]
  Long Creek area, Stewart Co., Tenn. [P1382]
  Long Creek area. Stewart Co., Tenn. [P2485]
  Long Creek area, Stewart Co., TN [P1697]
  Long Creek, Boone, Arkansas [P1158]
  Long Creek, Lee & Jackson Townships, Boone, Arkansas [P0995]
  Long Creek, Stewart Co., Tennessee [P2149]
  Long Hollow, Trigg, Kentucky [P0049]
  Long Hollow, Trigg, Kentucky, United States [P0563]
  Longpond, Montgomery, Georgia [P0413]
  Longview, Harrison, Texas, USA [P2490]
  Longview, Texas [P1536]
  Los Angeles Assembly District 74, Los Angeles, California [P0653]
  Los Angeles, CA [P2142]
  Los Angeles, California [P0273]
  Los Angeles, California, United States [P0926]
, , Los Angeles, California, USA [P0907]
L Los Angeles City, Los Angeles, California [P0992]
  Los Angeles County, California, USA [P1045]
  Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California [P0558]
  Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States [P2239]
  Lost Valley, Lane, Oregon, United States [P0600]
  Louisiana [P0458]
, , , Louisiana, USA [P2534]
L Louisville, Clay, IL [P1106]
  Lower Greens Creek, Erath Co, Texas, USA [P2180]
  Lufkin, Angelina, Texas [P0804]
  Lufkin, Trinity, Texas, USA [P2570]
, , Lunenburg Or Mechlenburg, Virginia, United States [P2072]
L Lynn, Posey, Indiana, United States [P1361]
  Lynnwood, Snohomish, WA [P0614]
  Lynnwood, Snohomish, Washington, USA [P0667]
  Lyon, Cherokee, Kansas [P0886]
  Lyon Co, KS [P1439]
M MacKasookee, Wilkes, Georgia [P1528]
  Mackay, ID [P2605]
  Macon, Bibb Co, GA [P2529]
  Macon, Ga. [P0551]
  Macon, GA [P1506]
  Macon, Macon, Missouri [P0177]
  Macon, MO [P0679]
  Maddisonville, Hopkins, Kentucky, USA [P0647]
  Madison, Kentucky, USA [P2690]
  Madison, Maricopa, Arizona [P1212]
  Madison, Washington, Oklahoma [P1240]
  Madres, Jefferson, Oregon, USA [P2268]
  Magisterial District 5, Trigg, Kentucky [P0048]
  Magisterial District 5, Vanover (East Part), Daviess, Kentucky [P1726]
  Magisterial District 6, Island, McLean, Kentucky [P1641]
  Magisterial District 6, Trigg, Kentucky [P0988]
  Magnolia, Harrison, Iowa [P0792]
  Malahide, Elgin, Ontario, Canada [P2569]
  Malden, , WA [P1710]
  Malden, Whitman, WA [P1495]
  Malden, Whitman, Washington [P1102]
  Malden, Whitman, Washington, USA [P0548]
  Manatee, Florida [P1644]
  Manatee, Florida, United States [P1642]
  Manhattan, IL [P0960]
  Manlius, Onondaga, New York, USA [P1531]
  Mansfield,,Louisiana,USA [P1416]
  Mansura, Avoyelles, Louisiana [P2086]
  Manzanita, Tillamook, Oregon, United States [P1336]
  Maple, Carroll, AR [P1413]
  Marceline, Linn, Missouri, USA [P1985]
  Marietta, GA [P1763]
  Marietta, Prentice Co, Ms [P1928]
  Marion, Daviess, Missouri, United States [P1302]
  Marion, Mississippi [P2480]
  Marion, Polk, Missouri, United States [P0707]
  Marrs, Posey, Indiana [P2057]
  Marshall [P2282]
, , Marshall, Alabama, USA [P0099]
M Marshall, Kentucky [P2281]
  Marshall, Kentucky, United States [P0591]
, , Marshall, Kentucky, USA [P2431]
M Marshall, Taylor, Iowa [P0929]
  Marshall, Taylor, Iowa, United States [P1922]
  Martin Co, NC [P1849]
  Martinez, Columbia, Georgia, USA [P2418]
  Martin NC [P2237]
  Martin, NC [P1043]
, , Martin, North Carolina, USA [P0235]
M Martinsville, Clark, Illinois, USA [P2067]
  Martin,Weakley Co.,Tn. [P0860]
  Maryland [P1844]
  Maryland Colony [P2358]
, , , Maryland, USA [P2422]
M Marysville, Snohomish, Washington, United States of America [P2390]
  Maxia, Limestone Co TX [P1210]
  Maybe Bedford Co, TN [P2661]
  maybe CA [P1916]
  maybe Sepulpa, Creek, Oklahoma, USA [P2607]
  maybe Welsh Neck,Craven,South Carolina,USA [P2412]
  Maysville, Dekalb, Missouri, USA [P0966]
  McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, USA [P1359]
  Mccormick City,Mccormick, South Carolina, USA [P2447]
  McCormick County, South Carolina, USA [P0833]
  McCormick, McCormick, South Carolina, United States [P1188]
  McCormick, South Carolina [P1895]
  McCormick,South Carolina [P2348]
, , McCormick, South Carolina, USA [P1332]
M McCracken [P0772]
  McCracken, Kentucky, United States [P0773]
, , McCracken, Kentucky, USA [P1362]
M McCrary, Muscogee, Georgia [P1097]
  McFall City, Gentry, Missouri [P1068]
  McFall, Gentry, Missouri [P0484]
  McFall, Gentry, Missouri, USA [P1684]
  McLennan Co, Texas, USA [P1408]
  McLennan, Texas, United States [P0147]
  McMinnville, Yamhill County, OR [P0491]
  McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon [P0493]
  McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon, USA [P1197]
  McMinville, Yamhill Co, OR [P2681]
  McRae & Scotland Towns, Telfair, Georgia [P0072]
  Mecklenburg, NC, USA [P2703]
, , Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA [P1972]
M Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA [P0780]
  Memphis, Scotland, Missouri [P1241]
  Memphis,Shelby Co.,Tennessee [P1014]
  Mendocino, California [P1967]
  Mendon, St Joseph, Michigan [P1358]
  Mendon, St Joseph, Michigan, USA [P1994]
  Merced Co, CA [P1831]
  Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA [P2592]
  Meriwether, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0172]
  Meriwether, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P0545]
  Meriwether Township (East Part), Edgefield, South Carolina [P0173]
  Merkel,Taylor,TX,USA [P1299]
  Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, USA [P2245]
  Metter, Candler County, Ga. [P1905]
  Miami Cemetery, Paola, Kansas [P1829]
  Miami Co, KS [P1830]
  Miami, Dade, Florida [P0957]
  Miami, Florida, USA [P1809]
, , Miami, Kansas, USA [P1604]
M Miami, Lykins, Kansas Territory [P0253]
  Miami (McNelly) Cemetery Paola Miami County, Kansas [P1603]
  Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida, United States of America [P1938]
  Miami, Miami, Kansas [P0106]
  Miami, Miami, Kansas, United States [P0105]
  Miami, Miami, Kansas, USA [P0642]
  Miami Ward 2, Gila, Arizona [P1211]
  Michigan [P0883]
, , Michigan, USA [P2198]
M Middle Creek, Miami, Kansas [P0641]
  Middle Creek, Sevier, Tennessee, United States [P2601]
  Middle Creek Twp. Miami County, Kansas [P1929]
  MIddle initial T or J [P1639]
  Middle init. Jack LaPeer, correspondence of 3/5/97 [P2492]
  Middleton, Columbiana, Ohio, USA [P1341]
  Middletown, Butler, Ohio, United States [P1944]
  Middletown, Butler, Ohio, USA [P1943]
  midlothian [P1653]
  Midlothian, Ellis Co, TX [P0689]
  Midlothian, Ellis Co., TX [P2563]
  Midlothian, Ellis County, TX-Midlothian Cemetery [P2559]
  Midlothian, Ellis, Texas [P0036]
  Midlothian, Ellis, Texas, United States [P0823]
  Midlothian, Ellis, Texas, United States of America [P2215]
  Midlothian, Ellis, Texas, USA [P0154]
  midlothian,texas [P2135]
  midlothian. texas [P1878]
  Midlothian, Tx. [P0437]
  Midlothian, Tx., Midlothian Cemetary [P0573]
  Midlothian Village, Ellis, Texas [P0140]
  Midothian, Ellis, Texas, USA [P0195]
  Milam, Texas [P0077]
  Milan, Sullivan, MO [P2648]
  Miles Cemetery, Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P0044]
  Militia District 119, Richmond, Georgia [P0073]
  Militia District 123, Richmond, Georgia [P0071]
  Militia District 1560, Emanuel, Georgia [P0518]
  Militia District 772, Nance, Muscogee, Georgia [P0616]
  Militia District 945, Crisp, Georgia [P0999]
  Militia District 945, Dooly, Georgia [P1000]
  Militia District 950, Paulding, Georgia [P0114]
  Militia Districts 182, 269, Shady Hill, Parks, Lincoln, Georgia [P1161]
  Millican, Brazos, Texas, USA [P0422]
  Minden, Webster, Louisiana, USA [P0410]
  Mineral Springs, Perry, Alabama, USA [P1485]
  Mineral Springs, Stewart, Georgia [P0192]
  Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, USA [P2599]
  Minister, Livingston County, Missouri [P2719]
, , , Minnesota, USA [P2059]
M Mississippi [P0022]
. .Mississippi [P2387]
, , Mississippi, Arkansas, USA [P1695]
M Mississippi, United States [P1049]
, , , Mississippi, USA [P1036]
  ,,Mississippi,USA [P1729]
M Mississippi, USA [P0574]
  Missouri [P0013]
  Missouri City, Fort Bend, Texas, United States [P0956]
  Missouri, United States [P0592]
, , , Missouri, USA [P0059]
  ,,Missouri,USA [P0888]
M Missouri, USA [P1164]
  MO [P0646]
  Mobeetie, TX [P2656]
  Moberly, MO [P1246]
  Moberly, Randolph, Missouri, USA [P1284]
  Mobley, Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P1855]
  Model, Stewart Co, TN [P2193]
  Modesto, Stanislaus, California [P1687]
  Modesto, Stanislaus, California, United States [P2159]
  Modesto, Stanislaus, California, United States of America [P1510]
  Modesto, Stanislaus County, California, USA [P1466]
  Modoc, McCormick, South Carolina, United States [P1122]
  Modoc, McCormick, South Carolina, USA [P1268]
  Mondoc, Parksville Towns, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0519]
  Monegaw, St Clair, Missouri [P0982]
  Moniteau County, Missouri [P0321]
  Monroe, KY [P1426]
  Monroe, LA [P0542]
  Monroe, , Maryland, USA [P2323]
  Monroe, Mississippi, United States [P0488]
  Monrovia, Los Angeles, California, United States [P0968]
  Montana [P0897]
, , , Montana, USA [P2571]
M Monterey, CA [P1700]
  Montezuma, Gray, Kansas, USA [P0300]
, , Montgomery, Alabama, USA [P1186]
M Montgomery,,Alabama,USA [P1252]
  Montgomery Co. Clarksville Tn. [P0586]
  Montgomery Co TN [P2665]
  Montgomery Co. TN [P2643]
  Montgomery County, Tennessee [P0815]
  Montgomery, Mississippi, United States [P1372]
  Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama, United States [P1393]
  Montgomery, Tennessee [P0729]
, , Montgomery, Tennessee, USA [P1955]
M MO or TN [P1338]
  Morgan cem, Bumpus Mills [P0747]
  Morgan cemetery, Bumpus Mills, TN [P0829]
  Morgan Co. GA [P2116]
  Morgan Mill, Erath, Texas, USA [P2329]
  Morgan, Parkville, South Carolina, USA [P1980]
  Morgans Mill, Erath, Texas, USA [P2550]
  Morrisonville, Illinois, USA [P0819]
  Morton, England [P2085]
  Moscow, Muscatine, Iowa [P1083]
  Moseley Nr Birm, Worcestershire, England [P1894]
  Moss, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0089]
  Moss, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P1075]
  Mountain Peak, Ellis, TX [P2658]
  Mountain Twp. Barry County, Missouri [P2585]
  Mountain View, Kiowa, Oklahoma [P0320]
  Mountain View, Kiowa, Oklahoma, USA [P1279]
  Mountain View, , Oklahoma, USA [P0560]
  Mount Dora, Sorrento, FL [P0797]
  Mount Pleasant, Scotland, Missouri [P0226]
  Mt Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, USA [P1572]
  MT. Vernon City, Posey, Indiana [P1872]
  MT Vernon, Posey, Indiana, United States [P0923]
  MT Vernon, Posey, Indiana, USA [P2446]
  MT Vernon Ward 3, Posey, Indiana [P0955]
  MT Vernon Ward 4, Jefferson, Illinois [P2169]
  Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States [P2167]
  Multnomah Co, OR? [P1422]
  Multnomah, Multnomah, Oregon, United States [P1335]
  Multnomah, Oregon [P1876]
  Multnomah, Oregon, United States [P0696]
  Multnomah, Oregon, USA [P1141]
  Munson Hill, Multnomah, Oregon, USA [P1518]
  Murray, Calloway, Kentucky, United States [P1175]
  Murray, Calloway, Kentucky, USA [P0727]
  Muscagee County, Georgia, United States [P2716]
  Muscog [P2528]
  Muscogee [P1238]
  Muscogee County, GA [P1886]
  Muscogee County, Georgia [P0619]
  Muscogee, Georgia [P1237]
, , Muscogee, Georgia, USA [P0572]
M Muskingum,,Ohio,USA [P0779]
  Musselfork, Chariton, Missouri, USA [P2482]
  My Subdivision Beat 1, Washington, Texas [P0535]
N Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches, Texas, USA [P0507]
  Nacoochee Valley, White, GA, USA [P2532]
  Nances, Muscogee, Georgia [P0824]
  Nances, Muscogee, Georgia, United States [P0461]
  Nash Co, NC [P1348]
  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, United States [P1753]
  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA [P2501]
  Nashville, TN [P2155]
  Natchitoches Parish, LA [P0362]
  Navarro County, TX [P2728]
  Navarro, Tarrant, Texas [P0749]
  Navarro, Texas, United States [P2093]
  Navasota, Brazos, Texas, United States [P1035]
  NC [P0024]
  NC? [P1498]
  Near Burlington, Boone, AR [P2434]
  near Keytesville, Chariton, Missouri, USA [P0365]
  Near Kingsport, Hawkins, Virginia [P0887]
  near Parskville, SC [P2633]
  near Salisbury, Chariton, Missouri, USA [P0348]
  near Williamsboro, Granville, North Carolina, USA [P2404]
  Nebraska [P0969]
  Nebraska, USA [P2414]
  Nehemiah Cherry was admr for her estate [P2054]
, , Nemaha, Kansas, USA [P0559]
N Neosho, Kansas [P2061]
  Neosho, Newton, Missouri, United States of America [P1664]
, , Neshoba, Mississippi, USA [P1242]
N New Albany, Floyd, Indiana, USA [P1310]
  New Athens, , Louisiana, USA [P2709]
  New Castle, Gentry, Missouri, USA [P1233]
  New Concord, Calloway, Kentucky [P0771]
  New Lancaster, Miami, Kansas, USA [P1607]
  New Mexico [P1837]
  New Middleton, Harrison, Indiana, USA [P2352]
  New Middletown, Harrison, Indiana, USA [P2396]
  New Orleans, Jefferson, Louisiana, United States [P2163]
, , Newton, Georgia, USA [P1243]
N New York [P0637]
  New York, United States [P1817]
, , New York, USA [P2361]
N Ninety Six,Edgefield,South Carolina,USA [P1200]
  Ninety-Sixth District, SC [P0848]
  Nocona, Montague, Texas [P2458]
  Nodaway, Andrew, Missouri [P0717]
  Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia, USA [P2166]
, , Norfolk, Virginia, USA [P1107]
N Norman Town, Cleveland, Oklahoma Territory [P1598]
  Northam Parish, Goochland, Virginia, USA [P1168]
, , Northampton, North Carolina, USA [P2320]
N North and East of Cumberland River, Montgomery, Tennessee [P1550]
  North Augusta, Aiken County, South Carolina [P0863]
  North Augusta, Aiken, South Carolina [P0170]
  North Augusta, Aiken, South Carolina, United States [P2542]
  North Augusta, Aiken, South Carolina, USA [P0911]
  North Carilina [P2363]
  North Carolina [P0706]
  North Carolina, United States [P0308]
, , , North Carolina, USA [P0448]
N North Carolina, USA [P2513]
  North Choctaw, Lincoln, Oklahoma [P0436]
  Northern Division, Randolph, Alabama [P0290]
  Northfield, Worcestershire, England [P0316]
  North Fork, Yamhill, Oregon, United States [P2393]
  North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA [P1228]
  Northumberland Co, PA [P0513]
  Northumberland, PA [P2310]
, , Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA [P2493]
N Northumberland, VA. [P1979]
, , Northumberland, Virginia, USA [P1225]
N northwestern Alabama, USA [P1885]
  Norway [P2507]
  Not Stated, Calhoun, Mississippi [P2381]
  Not Stated, Denton, Texas [P2211]
  Not Stated, Edgefield, South Carolina [P1321]
  Not Stated, Ellis, Texas [P1056]
  Not Stated, Erath, Texas [P1857]
  Not Stated, Kay, Oklahoma [P2457]
  Not Stated, Kootenai, Idaho [P1585]
  Not Stated, Lamb, Texas [P1665]
  Not Stated, Lewis, Idaho [P2328]
  Not Stated, Lincoln, Oklahoma [P0500]
  Not Stated, Mississippi, Arkansas [P1694]
  Not Stated, Nolan, Texas [P2589]
  Not Stated, Stewart, Tennessee [P1423]
  Not Stated, Tarrant, Texas [P1582]
  Not Stated, Washita, Oklahoma [P2235]
  Not Stated, Webster, Louisiana [P0409]
  Not Stated, Whitman, Washington [P1852]
  Nottaway Parish, Amelia, Virginia, USA [P1605]
, , Nottoway, Virginia, USA [P1976]
N Nunica, Ottawa, Michigan, United States [P0759]
  NV [P2684]
O Oak, Cleburne, Alabama, USA [P0571]
  Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas [P0694]
  Oakland, Alameda, California [P0085]
  Oakland, Alameda Co, CA [P2679]
  Oak Ridge, Daviess, Missouri, USA [P1683]
  Odessa Cemetery, Washita Co, Ok [P1464]
  Odessa, Ector, Texas [P2247]
  Of Edgefield, , South Carolina [P2708]
  of GA [P1816]
  of SC [P1766]
  of, , Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0947]
  of TN [P1992]
  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA [P1953]
, , Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA [P0570]
O Oglethorpe, Macon, Georgia, United States [P0731]
  OH [P1798]
  Ohio [P0917]
  Ohio, United States [P2256]
, , , Ohio, USA [P1882]
O OK [P1407]
  Okeene,Ok. [P0334]
  Oklahoma [P0318]
  Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Oklahoma, USA [P2376]
  Oklahoma City, Ok [P1315]
  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [P0882]
  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States [P0699]
  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA [P2385]
  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA [P2726]
  Oklahoma, Oklahoma [P1553]
  Oklahoma, United States [P1519]
, , , Oklahoma, USA [P0015]
O Oklahoma, USA [P0196]
  Old, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA [P2595]
  Old Edgefield District, Edgefield, SC [P1986]
  Old Town Creek, Dallas, Alabama, USA [P1003]
  Oneonta, Blount, Alabama, USA [P2587]
  Oneonta, Blount Co., Alabama [P1311]
  Ontario Ca [P1162]
, , Ontario, Canada [P2615]
O on the Oregon Trail [P2424]
  Opelika, Lee, Alabama, USA [P1244]
  OR [P1227]
  Orangeburg, Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States [P2581]
  Orange County, California, USA [P1487]
  Orange County, VA [P2315]
, , Orange, North Carolina, USA [P1523]
  , Orange, Virginia, USA [P2502]
O Oregon [P0380]
  Oregon City, Clackamas, Oregon, USA [P2035]
  Oregon, United States [P1367]
, , , Oregon, USA [P0111]
O Oregon, USA [P2439]
  Orlando, Florida, USA [P2105]
  Oroville, Butte, California, United States of America [P2523]
  Osage, Camden, Missouri [P2538]
  Osage, Laclede, Missouri [P1293]
  Osage, Oklahoma [P0387]
  Osawatomie, Miami, Kansas [P0593]
  Osawatomie Ward 1, Miami, Kansas [P1235]
  Osceola, St Clair, Missouri [P0514]
  Othello, Adams, Washington [P0549]
  Othello, Adams, Washington, USA [P1166]
  Othello, Adams, WA, USA [P0817]
  Othello, WA [P0659]
  Ovilla, Ellis, Texas, USA [P1730]
  Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan, USA [P2236]
  Oxford, Calhoun County, Alabama, USA [P2242]
  Oxford, Sumner, Kansas [P0278]
P Paducah, McCracken, Kentucky, United States of America [P0942]
  Paducah, McCracken, Kentucky, USA [P0858]
  Palisade, Mesa, Colorado, USA [P2432]
  Palm City, Martin, Florida, United States [P0199]
  Palmyra, Montgomery, Tennessee, United States [P2164]
  Palmyra, TN [P1405]
  Palmyra United Methodist Church Cemetery [P1467]
  Pampa, Gray, Texas [P1120]
  Paradise, California, USA [P0058]
  Parent name of Lovey from James Long email to Peggy Morgan [P0026]
  Paris, Bourbon, Kentucky, United States [P2448]
  Paris, Lamar County, Texas, USA [P1505]
  Paris, Lamar, Texas, United States [P1163]
  Parks, Lincoln, Georgia [P0606]
  Parksville, Abbeville, South Carolina, United States [P1801]
  Parksville, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA [P2634]
  Parksville, Edgefield, South Carolina, USA [P0238]
  Parksville, McCormick, SC, USA [P1287]
  Parksville, McCormick, South Carolina, USA [P1881]
  Parksville SC [P2289]
  Parksville, SC [P2636]
  Pasadena, CA [P0481]
  Pasquotank, NC [P0777]
  Patillo, Erath, Texas, USA [P1540]
  Pattonsburg City, Daviess, Missouri [P0972]
  Pattonsburg, Daviess Co., MO, USA [P2030]
  Pattonsburg, Daviess, Missouri [P0483]
  Pattonsburg, Daviess, Missouri, USA [P2620]
  Pattonsburg, Missouri, USA [P2007]
  Pattonsburg Ward 1, Daviess, Missouri [P1783]
  Pelion, Lexington County, South Carolina [P2514]
  Pelzer Town (South Part), Anderson, South Carolina [P1224]
  Pendelton Dist, , South Carolina, USA [P0568]
  Pendleton, Anderson, South Carolina, USA [P1564]
  Pendleton, Umatilla, Oregon, USA [P0816]
  Penfield, Green, Georgia, USA [P1957]
  Pennsylvania [P2509]
, , , Pennsylvania, USA [P1767]
P Pensacola, Escambia, Florida [P0690]
  Perry, Alabama, USA [P2306]
  Perry, Indiana, United States [P1818]
  Perry, Mississippi, USA [P2478]
  Peters Colony, Dallas Co, Texas, USA [P2285]
  Philadelphia, Neshoba, Mississippi, USA [P2269]
  Phillipsburg, Laclede, Missouri [P0265]
  Phoenix, Arizona [P2288]
  Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, USA [P0834]
, , Pickens, Alabama, USA [P1290]
P Pickens, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0399]
  Pictou, Huerfano, Colorado [P0503]
  Pierce City, Lawrence, MO [P2540]
  Pilot, Vermilion, Illinois, USA [P2464]
  Pine Bluff, Jefferson, Arkansas, United States [P2515]
  Pine Knot, Cleburne, Alabama, United States [P0293]
  Pine Vally, Calhoun, Mississippi, United States [P2337]
  Pineville, Rapides, Louisiana [P1440]
  Pinto Canyon, Texas, USA [P2052]
  Pittsboro, Chatham, North Carolina, USA [P2048]
  Pittsburg, Contra Costa Co., CA* 94565 [P1975]
  Placer, California [P0758]
  Placer Co. CA [P2623]
  Plainview, Hale, Texas, United States [P2423]
  Plano, Collin, Texas, United States of America [P1515]
, , Platte, Missouri, USA [P2670]
P Platte, Missouri, USA [P1734]
  Plattsburg, Clinton, Missouri, USA [P1196]
  Plaza, Spokane, Washington [P1165]
  Plaza, Spokane, Washington, USA [P1629]
  Pleasant Grove, Greenwood, Kansas, United States [P1198]
  Pleasant Point, Johnson Co, TX [P2678]
  Pleasant Valley, Wright, Missouri [P0124]
  Plowden Mills Township, Clarendon, South Carolina [P1399]
  Plum Branch, McCormick, South Carolina [P0027]
  Plum Branch Township, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0109]
  Plymouth, Massachusets [P1278]
  Plympton, Carver, Massachusetts [P2561]
  Plympton, Massachusetts [P1483]
  Pole Bridge, Clay, Alabama [P1034]
  Police Jury Ward 1, Winn, Louisiana [P0769]
  Police Jury Ward 5, Webster, Louisiana [P0408]
  Police Jury Ward 6, Catahoula, Louisiana [P1819]
  Polk [P1595]
  Polk, Georgia [P1741]
  Polk, Taylor, IA [P1712]
  Polk, Taylor, Iowa, United States [P0374]
  Polk, Taylor, Iowa, USA [P0885]
  Polytechnic, Tarrant, Texas [P0371]
  Pomeroy, Garfield, WA [P2611]
  Pomeroy, WA [P2606]
  Pomona Ca [P1291]
  Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma [P0715]
  Ponca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahoma [P0713]
  Pontotoc County, Mississippi, USA [P1946]
  Portales, Roosevelt Co, New Mexico, USA [P1409]
  Portales, Roosevelt, New Mexico [P1308]
  Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA [P2087]
  Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States [P0107]
  Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States of America [P1877]
  Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA [P1617]
  Port St Joe, Florida, USA [P1576]
  Posey Co, IN [P2428]
  Posey, Indiana [P1752]
  possibly Missouri [P2723]
  Post Falls, ID [P0510]
  Post Falls, Kootenai, Idaho [P0212]
  Post Falls, Kootenai, Idaho, USA [P1255]
  Post, , Idaho, USA [P2701]
  Potlatch, Idaho [P1738]
  Potneck, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P1129]
  Potosi, Washington, Missouri, USA [P2240]
  Prairie, Chariton, Missouri [P0366]
  Prairie Hill Chariton Co Missouri [P2200]
  Prairie Hill, MO [P2519]
  Prairie, Lane, Oregon [P1333]
  Prairie View Township, Chariton County, MO [P2558]
  Precinct 1, Briscoe, Texas [P0622]
  Precinct 1, Clay, Texas [P0766]
  Precinct 1, Hopkins, Texas, United States [P0914]
  Precinct 1, Rains, Texas, United States [P0786]
  Precinct 1, Washington, Texas, United States [P0737]
  Precinct 1, Wichita, Texas [P2213]
  Precinct 28, Yamhill, Oregon [P0492]
  Precinct 2, Briscoe, Texas [P1624]
  Precinct 2, Dallas, Texas [P1471]
  Precinct 2, Erath, Texas, United States [P0412]
  Precinct 2, Harrison, Texas, United States [P2346]
  Precinct 2, Llano, Texas, United States [P1319]
  Precinct 2, San Saba, Texas [P0324]
  Precinct 3, Milam, Texas, United States [P1253]
  Precinct 4, Bailey, Texas [P1230]
  Precinct 4, Calhoun, Alabama [P0472]
  Precinct 4, Harrison, Texas, United States [P0722]
  Precinct 4, Hopkins, Texas [P0098]
  Precinct 4, Kit Carson, Colorado [P1637]
  Precinct 5, Dallas, Texas [P1411]
  Precinct 5, Navarro, Texas [P0648]
  Precinct 5 (North Part), Lamar, Texas [P0206]
  Precinct 5, Shelby, Texas [P0528]
  Precinct 6, Burnet, Texas, United States [P0116]
  Precinct 6, Cass, Texas [P1799]
  Precinct 6, Cleburne, Alabama [P0993]
  Precinct 6, Dallas, Texas, United States [P0675]
  Precinct 6, Eastland, Texas, United States [P0476]
  Precinct 6, Ellis, Texas, United States [P0194]
  Precinct 6, Erath, Texas, United States [P0135]
  Precinct 7, Fannin, Texas, United States [P1346]
  Precinct 7, Johnson, Texas, United States [P0188]
  Precinct 7, Stephens, Texas, United States [P1258]
  Precinct 8, Dallas, Texas, United States [P0750]
  Precinct 8, Erath, Texas, United States [P0973]
  Precincts 12, 17 Cleveland, Thompson Crossroads, Blount, Alabama [P0682]
  probably England [P0080]
  probably Green, , Tennessee, USA [P2345]
  probably MO or KS [P2305]
  probably Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P1864]
  Prob, , Christian, Kentucky, United States [P0511]
  prob KS [P2718]
  prob MO [P2429]
  prob, Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P1116]
  Prob- Tenn. [P2372]
  prob. TN [P2179]
  Providence, Webster, Kentucky [P1017]
  Pueblo, Colorado [P1038]
  Pulaski, Arkansas [P1412]
, , Pulaski, Arkansas, USA [P0404]
P Pumphrey, Runnels, Texas, USA [P1446]
  Putman, Georgia [P1151]
  Putnam County, Georgia, USA [P0578]
Q Québec, , Quebec, Canada [P0304]
  Queenstown, , New Brunswick, Canada [P1903]
  Quincy, Adams, Illinois, United States [P0203]
R Ralston, Adams Co, WA [P1048]
, , Randolph, Alabama, USA [P1249]
  , Randolph, Alabama, USA  [P2579]
R Randolph, Alabama, USA [P2419]
  Randolph Co, Georgia, USA [P1869]
  Randolph County, Alabama, United States [P0852]
  Randolph County, Alabama, USA [P1913]
, , Randolph, Georgia, United States - 1850 [P1755]
R Ranges 5, 6, and 7, Calhoun, Alabama [P0473]
  Readmond, Emmet, Michigan, USA [P1429]
  Red Mound, Seminole, Oklahoma [P0367]
  Red Oak, Ellis, Texas [P0477]
  Reedley, Fresno, California, USA [P2265]
  Reedsport, Douglas County, OR [P2001]
  Reno Township, Leavenworth, Kansas [P1031]
  Republic Baptist Church, Trenton, SC 29847  [P2374]
  RFD#1, Plaza, Whitman, Washington [P1630]
  RFD2, Big Rock, Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P0730]
  Richland, Benton, WA [P2516]
  Richmond [P2009]
  Richmond Co, NC [P0512]
  Richmond Cty, Augusta, Georgia [P2321]
  Richmond, Georgia [P2008]
, , Richmond, Georgia, USA [P2452]
R Richmond, Georgia, USA [P2172]
  Richmond Ward 3, Wayne, Indiana [P2273]
  Ridgelawn Cem, Collinsville, Oklahoma [P2415]
  Ringland,,Oklahoma,USA [P2435]
  Ringling, Jefferson, Oklahoma, USA [P2090]
  Ringling, Oklahoma [P0813]
  Ringling, Oklahoma, USA [P1419]
, , Ripley, Missouri, USA [P2366]
R Ripon, San Joaquin, California, United States of America [P2028]
  Ritzville, Adams Co, WA [P2613]
  Ritzville, Adams, Washington, USA [P1900]
  Ritzville, WA [P1501]
  Ritzville Ward 2, Adams, Washington [P0213]
  Riverside, California [P0783]
  Riverside, California, USA [P2255]
  Riverside Cemetery, Hopkinsville, KY [P0444]
  Riverside County, California, USA [P0207]
  Riverside, Riverside, California, USA [P1397]
  Riverview Cemetery [P1862]
  Riverview Cemetery, Arkansas City, Cowley, Kansas, USA  [P1842]
  Roane, Navarro, Texas, United States [P1373]
  Roaring Springs, Trigg, Kentucky [P1706]
  Robertson or Stewart Co, TN [P2644]
  Robertson, TN [P0161]
  Robinson, Brown, Kansas, United States [P1638]
  Roby, Fisher Co, Texas, USA [P0903]
  Roby, Fisher, Texas, USA [P1942]
  Rock Creek, Coffey, Kansas [P1840]
  Rock Creek, Randolph, North Carolina, USA [P0433]
  Rock Creek, Spokane, Washington [P2303]
  Rockingham, Richmond, North Carolina, USA [P1661]
, , Rock Island, Illinois, USA [P1371]
R Rockland, Power Co., Indiana [P2331]
  Rocklin, Placer, California, United States [P1390]
  Rock Springs, Sweetwater, Wyoming [P2456]
  Rosalia, Whitman, Washington [P1474]
  Rosalia,Whitman,Washington [P1475]
  Rosalia, Whitman, Washington, United States of America [P1631]
  Rosalia, Whitman, Washington, USA [P1934]
  Rosalia,Whitman,Washington,USA [P2244]
  Rosalia, Whitman, Washington, USA or Othello, Adams, WA [P1476]
  Roseburg, OR [P1968]
  Roswell, Chaves, New Mexico, USA [P1256]
  Roswell, New Mexico [P2573]
  Rotan, Fisher, Texas [P1307]
  Rotan, Fisher, Texas, USA [P0645]
  Rouring Spring, Trigg, Kentucky, United States [P2145]
  Royal City, Grant, Washington, USA [P1821]
  Royal City, WA [P1820]
  Rush Island,Forest City,Nebraska,USA [P2399]
  Russell, , Oklahoma, USA [P2465]
  Russelville, Franklin, Alabama, USA [P1563]
  Russelville, Franklin Co, Al [P2064]
  Rutherford, Tennessee, United States [P1105]
S Sacramento Co, CA [P0613]
  Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA [P1486]
  Saginaw, MI [P1292]
  Saint Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri, United States of America [P1526]
  Saint Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri, USA [P2475]
  Saint Paul’s Parish, Augusta, Richmond Co. GA [P1650]
  Saints, Colbert, Alabama, United States [P0985]
  Salem, Forsyth Co., North Carolina [P2101]
  Salem, Marion, Oregon, United States [P2603]
  Saline Creek, Tn [P1850]
  Saline, Illinois [P1643]
  Saline/ Tobacco Port, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0233]
  Salisbury, Chariton, Missouri [P0176]
  Salisbury, Chariton, Missouri, United States [P0175]
  Salisbury, Chariton, Missouri, USA [P1611]
  Salisbury City, Chariton, Missouri [P0263]
  Salisbury, Missouri, USA [P0364]
  Salisbury, MO City Cemetery [P1248]
  Salisbury Township (South Part), Chariton, Missouri [P0949]
  Salisbury Ward 2, Chariton, Missouri [P0262]
  Salisbury Ward 3, Chariton, Missouri [P1457]
  Salt Creek, Chariton, Missouri, United States [P2130]
  Same as William H Sr Scotten  [P2461]
  San Angelo,Tom Green,TX,USA [P0541]
  San Antonio, Bexar, Texas [P0630]
  San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA [P2078]
  San Bernardino Ca [P0050]
  San Fancisco, CA [P2360]
  San Francisco, CA [P2683]
  San Francisco, California [P1394]
  Sangamon Co, , Illinois, USA [P0987]
, , Sangamon, Illinois, USA [P1951]
S San Joaquin, California [P0655]
  San Joaquin, Fresno County, California, USA [P1692]
  San Jose, CA [P1058]
  San Jose, Los Angeles, California, USA [P0358]
  San Lorenao, Alameda, California, USA [P2460]
  San Luis Obispo, CA [P1699]
  San Meteo,Cal. [P0831]
  San Pedro, California [P2186]
  San Saba, San Saba, Texas, United States [P1589]
  San Saba,San Saba,TX,USA [P1126]
  Santa Barbara Co, CA [P1438]
  Santa Cruz, CA [P1100]
  Santa Cruz, California [P0088]
  Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California [P2300]
  Santa Cruz Ward 7, Santa Cruz, California [P1099]
  Sapulpa, Creek, Oklahoma [P0014]
  Sapulpa, Creek, Oklahoma, USA [P0311]
  Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA [P1007]
  Sarah Dellah [P0103]
  Sardis, Ellis Co, TX [P2672]
  Sardis, Ellis Co. TX [P2724]
  Sardis, Ellis County, Texas [P1145]
  Sardis, Ellis, Texas, USA [P1764]
  Sardis, Texas, USA [P2046]
  Sauk, Skagit, Washington [P0660]
  Sauk, WA [P1206]
  Savannah, Chatham, Georgia, USA [P0227]
  Savannah, Georgia, USA [P2499]
  Savannah River Regiment, Abbeville, South Carolina [P1023]
  SC [P0326]
  S C [P1270]
  scarlet fever [P2165]
  School District 66, Aiken, South Carolina [P0754]
  Schultz, Aiken, South Carolina [P0753]
  SC or GA [P2311]
  Scott AFB, Belleville, IL [P2505]
  Scott County, Indiana [P0536]
  Scottsville, Sullivan, MO [P2651]
, , , SC, USA [P2687]
S Seadrift, Calhoun, Texas [P2286]
  Seadrift, Calhoun, Texas, United States [P2383]
  Seadrift, Texas, USA [P2287]
  Seal Beach, California, USA [P1008]
  Seattle [P2002]
  Seattle, King, Washington [P1181]
  Seattle, King, Washington, USA [P2096]
  Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri, USA [P1472]
  Sedgwick, Kansas [P1610]
  Selma, Dallas, Alabama, USA [P2395]
  Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma [P2695]
  Seminole, Seminole, Oklahoma, United States [P1581]
  Seminole, Seminole, Oklahoma, United States of America [P1387]
  Seoul, Korea [P0222]
  Sevier County, Tennessee, USA [P1676]
  Sevier, Tennessee, United States [P0065]
, , Sevier, Tennessee, USA [P1263]
S Shackleford, , Texas, USA [P1452]
  Shadle Garland, Spokane, Washington [P2409]
  Shannondale, Chariton, Missouri, USA [P1051]
, , Shelby, Texas, USA [P0711]
S Sheridan & Washington Townships, Garfield, Oklahoma Territory [P0302]
  Sherman, Grayson, Texas, USA [P1625]
  Show Low, Arizona [P1847]
  Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana [P0054]
  Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana, USA [P0402]
  Shultz, Aiken, South Carolina, United States [P1087]
  Signau, Canton, Bern, Switzerland [P1368]
  Silverton, Briscoe, Texas [P2033]
  Silverton, Briscoe, Texas, United States of America [P0822]
  Silverton, Texas, USA [P0620]
  Sitka [P1185]
  Sitka Alaska, USA [P1180]
  Sitka, Division 1, Alaska [P1183]
  Sitka, First Judicial District, Alaska [P1184]
  Sitka, First Judicial District, Alaska Territory [P1182]
  Skiatook, Osage, Oklahoma, United States of America [P2228]
  Skiatook, Osage, Oklahoma, USA [P2462]
  Smith Cemetery, Big Rock, Stewart Co, TN [P1646]
  Snake River, Carbon, Wyoming [P0487]
  Sni-A-Bar, Jackson, Missouri [P2438]
  Snohomish [P2391]
  Soddy, Hamilton, Tennessee, United States [P1059]
, , Solano, California, USA [P2508]
S Soldier Township (Part), Shawnee, Kansas [P0375]
  Some List Middle Initial L Letcher, Warren, Kentucky, United States [P0752]
  Sonoma, California [P0801]
  Southampton Co. VA [P0685]
  South Carolina [P0017]
  South Carolina, [P0184]
  South, Carolina, Puerto Rico, USA [P0764]
  South Carolina, United States [P0260]
  South Carolina, United States, but if Thomas Loyd is her father note he died in Virginia [P0687]
, , , South Carolina, USA [P0083]
  , ,South Carolina, USA [P1950]
  ,,South Carolina,USA [P0347]
S South Carolina, USA [P0171]
  South Carollina, USA [P2635]
  Southern Division, Randolph, Alabama [P2218]
  Southern Division, Talladega, Alabama [P0185]
  South Junction, Lane, Oregon [P1334]
  South McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon [P0494]
  South Moniteau, Cooper, Missouri [P0721]
  South Point, Gaston, North Carolina, United States [P1435]
  Spanish Fort, Montague, Texas [P2459]
, , Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA [P0893]
S Spartanburg Ward 1, Spartanburg, South Carolina [P0806]
  Spartanburg Ward 2, Spartanburg, South Carolina [P0934]
  Spartansburg, SC [P1331]
  Spencerville, Choctaw, Oklahoma, United States [P1262]
  Spencerville, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA [P1677]
  Spokane or Rosalia [P1632]
  Spokane, Plaza, Washington, USA [P1283]
  Spokane, Spokane, Washington [P1512]
  Spokane, Spokane, Washington, United States [P1571]
  Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA [P1574]
  Spokane, Washington [P1935]
  Spouse info from James Long email to Peggy Morgan [P1762]
  Spouse name for James Long e-mail to Peggy Morgan [P1788]
  Spouse name from James Long e-mail to Peggy Morgan [P1451]
  Sprague, Lincoln, Washington, USA [P1751]
  Springfield, Edgefield, South Carolina [P1987]
  Springfield Missouri [P1276]
  Springfield, Missouri, USA [P2590]
  Springfield Ward 8, Greene, Missouri [P0899]
  Springs, Suffolk, New York, USA [P1747]
  Springtown, Parker, Texas, USA [P0434]
  Spririt Lake, Benewah, Idaho [P1854]
  Stafford,Clackamas,Oregon,USA [P0778]
  Stamford, Jones County, Texas, USA [P2339]
  Stan, California [P1689]
  St Andrews, Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada [P2727]
  Stanford, Jones, Texas [P1824]
  Stanislaus, California, USA  [P2526]
  Stanislaus County, California, USA [P1828]
  Stapleton, Logan, Nebraska [P0537]
  Starke, Bradford, Florida, United States [P2531]
  Statesboro, Bulloch, Georgia, USA [P1982]
  St. Claire, Mo. [P2545]
, , St Clair, Missouri, USA [P2473]
S St. Clair,Mo. [P0331]
  St. Clair, Smyth, Virginia [P2384]
  St. Clair, Virginia [P2562]
  Steinen, Lorrach, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany [P1970]
  St Elizabeth, Miller, Missouri, USA [P1221]
  Stephenville, Erath, Texas, USA [P0137]
  Stevens Creek, Edgefield, South Carolina, USA [P0395]
  Stewart [P0435]
  Stewart Co., Tenn. [P2487]
  Stewart Co., Tennessee [P1941]
  Stewart Co, , Tennessee, USA [P0820]
  Stewart Co, Tennessee, USA [P2537]
  Stewart Co.,Tn [P2343]
  Stewart Co, TN [P2659]
  Stewart Co TN [P0329]
  Stewart Co, TN [P0025]
  Stewart Co, TN  [P1061]
  Stewart Co,, TN [P0837]
  Stewart Co. TN [P2645]
  Stewart Co., TN [P0158]
  Stewart Co TN or GA [P2049]
  Stewart County , Dover Tennessee [P0466]
  Stewart County, Tenneessee [P0579]
  Stewart County, Tennessee [P0468]
  Stewart County, Tennessee, USA [P1011]
  Stewart County, Tn. [P0704]
  Stewart County, TN [P1561]
  Stewart, Georgia, United States [P1351]
, , Stewart, Georgia, USA [P1744]
S Stewart, Tenneessee, USA [P1150]
, , Stewart, Tennessee [P1691]
S Stewart, Tennessee [P0798]
, , Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P2552]
S Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0376]
, ,Stewart, Tennessee, Unites States [P2551]
  , Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P0037]
S Stewart, Tennessee, USA [P1053]
, , Stewart, Tn, USA [P1693]
  , Stewart, TN, USA [P0442]
S St Jacob, Madison, Illinois, USA [P0938]
  St Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri [P1534]
  St. Joseph, Buchanan, MO [P0392]
  St Joseph, MO [P2617]
  St Joseph Ward 1, Buchanan, Missouri [P1066]
  St Joseph Ward 2, Buchanan, Missouri [P1781]
  St Joseph Ward 7, Buchanan, Missouri [P0393]
  St Louis, Missouri, United States [P1698]
  St, Louis, Missouri, United States [P0584]
  St Louis, , Missouri, USA [P0417]
  Stockton, CA [P0255]
  Stockton, Calif [P2173]
  Stockton, , California, USA [P2720]
  Stockton, San Joaquin, California [P0599]
  Stockton, San Joaquin, California, United States of America [P2004]
  Stockton, San Joaquin, California, USA [P1345]
  Stockton, San Joaquin Co, CA [P2000]
  Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA [P0215]
  Stoney Point On Appomattox River, Amelia, Virginia, USA [P1004]
  Stratton, Kit Carson Co., CO [P1887]
  Stratton, Kit Carson, Colorado [P1974]
  Stroud, Lincoln, Oklahoma [P0502]
  Sturgis, St Joseph, Michigan, USA [P1430]
  Subdivision 18, Blount, Alabama [P0009]
  Subdivision 42, Etowah, Alabama [P0138]
  Sugar Hill, Cleburne, Alabama, United States [P1306]
  Summit, Emanuel, Georgia [P0521]
  Sumner, Mississippi, United States [P0562]
  Sumter Co. AL [P2417]
  Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, CA [P1496]
  Surrey County, North Carolina [P2114]
  Surry Co. VA [P0686]
, , Surry, Virginia, USA [P1477]
S Sussex County Virginia [P1431]
  Sussex Co, VA [P1835]
  Sutherlin, Douglas, Oregon [P0669]
  Suwannee, Florida, United States [P1740]
  Suwannie Co, Florida, United States [P1914]
  Swainsboro, Georgia, USA [P2637]
  Swansea Town, Lexington, South Carolina [P1789]
  Sweden [P2276]
  Sweet Home City, Linn, Oregon [P2083]
  Sweet Home, Linn County, Oregon [P2082]
  Sweetwater, Nolan, Texas [P0159]
  Sweetwater, Nolan, Texas, USA [P0160]
  Switzerland City,Indiana [P2596]
  Switzerland, Indiana, United States [P1917]
  Sylacauga, Talladega, Alabama [P0187]
T Tacoma, Pierce, Washington [P0902]
  Tacoma Ward 8, Pierce, Washington [P0901]
  Tahlequah, , Oklahoma, USA [P2231]
  Talbert, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0531]
  Talbert, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P0081]
  Talbot Co., GA [P1131]
  Talbot Co, Georgia, USA [P0847]
  Talbot County, Georgia, USA [P2503]
  Talbot, Georgia, United States [P0289]
  Taliaferro County, Georgia, USA [P0605]
  Taliaffro Co., Georgia [P2267]
, , Talladega, Alabama, USA [P1207]
T Talladega County, Alabama [P1772]
  Talladega County, Alabama, USA [P0954]
  Talladega, Talladega, Alabama [P0186]
  Talladega, Talladega, Alabama, United States [P2580]
  Talladega, Talladega, Alabama, USA [P1208]
  Tampa, Hillsborough Co., Florida [P2574]
  Tarrant County, Texas [P1202]
, , Tarrant, Texas, USA [P0369]
T Tates Creek, Mercer, Kentucky, USA [P0338]
  Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts [P1013]
  Tawas City, Iosco, Michigan, USA [P2700]
, , Taylor, Iowa, USA [P1711]
  , Taylor, Iowa, USA [P2543]
T Taylor, Williamson, TX, USA [P1995]
  Tazewell Co Va [P1520]
  Tenessee [P1748]
  Tenn [P0855]
  Tennessee [P0004]
  Tennessee or MO per 1880 census [P2232]
  Tennessee or SC [P1548]
  Tennessee Ridge, Houston, Tennessee, United States of America [P2486]
  Tennessee, United States [P0566]
, , , Tennessee, USA [P0042]
  ,,Tennessee,USA [P0427]
T Tennessee, USA [P1823]
  Tennessee, USA [P1668]
  Tennessee, USA, Mississippi, USA [P2717]
  Terrell, Kaufman, Texas, USA [P1566]
, , Terry, Texas, USA [P2214]
T Terryville, Claiborne, Louisiana [P1620]
  Texarkana, Bowie, Texas, USA [P0246]
  Texas [P0035]
, , , Texas [P0693]
T Texas, United States [P1590]
  Texas, United States [P0674]
, , , Texas, USA [P0031]
  , Texas, USA [P0281]
  ,, Texas, USA [P2655]
T Texas, USA [P0204]
  The District, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0125]
  The middle name of May came from Jack LaPeer [P1787]
, , Tillman, Oklahoma, USA [P1050]
T Timpson, Shelby, Texas, USA [P0529]
  TN [P0341]
  TN or NC [P0964]
  TN or OK [P1874]
  Tobacco Port, Stewart, Tennessee, United States [P0001]
, , Todd, Kentucky, USA [P0440]
T Todd, Kentucky, USA [P2233]
  Tohee, Lincoln, Oklahoma [P1071]
  Tolar, Hood, Texas [P0370]
  Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States [P0812]
  Toledo, Ohio [P1679]
  Tonganoxie Township (Excl. Tonganoxie Town), Leavenworth, Kansas [P2525]
  Tonkawa, Kay, Oklahoma [P1602]
  Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS [P1973]
  Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas [P1888]
  Topeka Ward 1, Shawnee, Kansas [P1636]
  Torrance, New Mexico [P1723]
  Torringen,Attmar,,Sweden [P0909]
  Town Mount, Franklin, Illinois, United States [P0339]
  Township 15, Chickasaw, Mississippi [P0023]
  Township 16 R 6 E, Attala, Mississippi [P1613]
  Township 16 Range 10, Cleburne, Alabama [P1952]
  Township 16 Range 11, Calhoun, Alabama [P0092]
  Township 17, Kern, California [P0557]
  Township 17 Range 10, Cleburne, Alabama [P0152]
  Township 20 Range 11, Choctaw, Mississippi [P1028]
  Township 21, Choctaw, Mississippi [P1029]
  Township 21 Range 10, Choctaw, Mississippi [P1027]
  Township 37 Range 13, Pulaski, Missouri [P0920]
  Township 3, Clark, Washington [P0701]
  Township 54 Range 19, Chariton, Missouri [P0781]
  Township 57 Range 18, Linn, Missouri [P0841]
  Township 7 Range 11, Franklin, Alabama [P1927]
  Township 7 Range 12, Franklin, Alabama [P1497]
  Township 9, Placer, California [P0756]
  Tow Valley, Llano, Texas [P1320]
  Tow Valley,Llano,TX,USA [P1298]
  Trego Co., Kansas [P0418]
  Trigg [P0464]
  Trigg Co [P2647]
  Trigg Co,,Ky [P1095]
  Trigg Co. Ky [P0703]
  Trigg Co., Ky. [P2047]
  Trigg Co, KY [P0020]
  Trigg Co. KY [P0814]
  Trigg Co., KY [P0407]
  Trigg County, Kentucky [P0462]
, , Trigg, Kentucky [P1784]
T Trigg, Kentucky [P1427]
, , Trigg, Kentucky, United States [P1891]
T Trigg, Kentucky, United States [P1309]
, , Trigg, Kentucky, USA [P1901]
  , Trigg, Kentucky, USA [P2144]
T Trigg, Kentucky, USA [P0919]
, ,Trigg, Ky [P0709]
T Trigg, Trigg, Kentucky, United States [P0221]
, , Trimble, Kentucky, USA [P1232]
T Trinidad, Las Animas, Colorado [P2139]
  Trinidad Ward 2, Las Animas, Colorado [P1853]
  Troup [P2463]
  Tualatin, Clackamas, Oregon [P2299]
  Tualatin, Clackamas, Oregon, United States [P0112]
  Tulare Co., CA [P0791]
  Tulia, Swisher, Texas, United States [P1277]
  Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahoma [P0940]
  Turlock, Stanislaus, CA [P1690]
  Turlock, Stanislaus, California [P1688]
  Turlock, Stanislaus, California, United States [P2021]
  Turner, Columbia, WA [P2541]
  Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States [P2674]
, , Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA [P1356]
T Tuscaloosa, , Alabama, USA [P0465]
  Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States [P1104]
  Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA [P0868]
  TX [P1962]
  Tx Travis Austin [P2022]
, ,,TX,USA [P0115]
T Tyro, Montgomery Co., KS [P0211]
  Tyro, Montgomery, Kansas, USA [P1532]
, , Tyrrell, North Carolina, USA [P2567]
U Umatilla, Oregon [P2455]
, , Unicoi, Tennessee, USA [P0892]
U Union County, Arkansas, USA [P1578]
  Union County, Mississippi, USA [P0861]
  Union, Hendricks, Indiana, United States [P1388]
  Union, Lincoln, Oklahoma [P0501]
  Union, Mississippi, United States [P0575]
  Union Parish, Louisiana [P2710]
  United States [P1434]
  United States of America [P0639]
  Upper Donaldson Community, Trigg County, Ky [P1093]
  Upper Green’s Creek Cemetery, Dublin, Erath Co, Texas  [P2063]
  Upshur Co., Texas [P2073]
  Upshur, Upshur, Texas [P0705]
  Urbana, Champaign, Illinois, USA [P2051]
  USA [P2539]
, ,,,USA [P0117]
U Ustick, Ada, Idaho [P0898]
, , Uvalde, Texas, USA [P1010]
V VA [P0776]
  VA. [P1352]
  Valley Center, Sedgwick, Kansas [P2154]
  Valley Center Twp., Sedgwick Co., Kansas [P1588]
  Valley, Linn, Kansas [P1355]
  Valverde, Sumner, Kansas [P0277]
  Valverdi Township, Sumner, Kansas [P0279]
  Van Buren, Carter, Missouri, United States [P1961]
  Vancouver, Clark Co, WA [P2682]
  Vancouver, Clark, Washington, United States [P2568]
  Van Nuys, Los Angeles County, California, USA [P2201]
  Vanover, Daviess, Kentucky [P2402]
  Va. or Md. [P1546]
  Ventura County, California, USA [P1503]
  Venus, Johnson, Texas, United States [P0732]
  Verda, Harlan County, KY [P2406]
  Vicksburg, MS [P1575]
  Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma, USA [P1678]
  Vinita Ward 2, Craig, Oklahoma [P0301]
  Virginia [P1174]
  Virginia, United States [P0168]
, , , Virginia, USA [P1015]
  ,,Virginia,USA [P0132]
  ,,Virginia,USA  [P1713]
V Virginia, USA [P0684]
  Visalia, Tulare Co., CA [P2711]
  Vona, Kit Carson, Colorado [P2125]
W WA [P0582]
  Waco, McLennan, Texas, USA [P2577]
  Waco, Sedgwick, Kansas [P1977]
  Waimea, Kauai, HI [P0482]
  Wakarusa, Douglas, Kansas [P1933]
  Wakefield, Clay, Kansas [P1297]
  Waldport, Lincoln, Oregon, United States [P0307]
, , Walla Walla, Washington, USA [P0095]
W Walnut, Atchison, Kansas [P0033]
  Walnut, Atchison, Kansas, United States [P0032]
  Walnut Bottom, Henderson, Kentucky [P2401]
  Walnut Grove, Alabama, USA [P0891]
  Ward 5 (West Half), Claiborne, Louisiana [P0288]
  Warren Co. GA [P2259]
  Warren County, Kentucky [P1779]
  Warren, Kentucky [P2340]
  Warrensburg, Johnson, Missouri [P1108]
  Warrensburg, Johnson, Missouri, United States [P0120]
  Warren, Tennessee, United States [P0309]
  Warwickshire, England [P0317]
  Warwickshire, United Kingdom [P0636]
  Washington [P0547]
  Washington Co, TN [P2332]
  Washington Co, TX [P1195]
  Washington County, TN [P2667]
  Washington County, Virginia [P0611]
  Washington, Dallas, Missouri [P1377]
  Washington, Edgefield, South Carolina [P0520]
  Washington, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P0530]
  Washington, Grundy, Missouri [P1989]
  Washington, Grundy, Missouri, USA [P1556]
  Washington, Jackson, Missouri [P0900]
  Washington, McCormick, South Carolina [P0108]
, ,Washington,Ohio,USA [P2400]
W Washington, Tennessee, USA [P0354]
  Washington, Texas [P0869]
  Washington, Texas, United States [P0076]
  Washita, Murray, Oklahoma, USA [P1454]
  Washoe Co, NV [P2614]
  Wash Ter [P0700]
  Waterford, Ireland, United Kingdom [P2506]
  Watonga, OK [P2663]
  Watsonville, Santa Cruz, California [P0355]
  Watsonville Ward 2, Santa Cruz, California [P0356]
  Waxachie, Ellis, Texas, USA [P2721]
  Waxahachie, Ellis Co., Texas [P0873]
  Waxahachie, Ellis Co., Tx. [P2564]
  Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX [P0908]
  Waxahachie, Ellis, Texas [P0275]
  Waxahachie, Ellis, Texas, United States [P1592]
  Waxahachie, Ellis, Texas, USA [P1261]
  Waxahachie, Ellis, TX [P0475]
  Waxahachie, Tx., buried in Midlothian, Tx. [P0853]
  Waxahachie Ward 2, Ellis, Texas [P0274]
  Waxahachie Ward 3, Ellis, Texas [P0844]
  Wayland, Chariton, Missouri [P0661]
  Wayne, Iowa, United States [P1811]
  Wayne, Wayne, Indiana [P2272]
  Weakley Co, TN [P2301]
, , Weakley, Tennessee, USA [P1450]
W Weatherford City, Custer, Oklahoma Territory [P0259]
  Weatherford, Oklahoma, USA [P1425]
  Webster Co, MS [P2640]
  Webster, Harrison, Indiana [P2336]
  Webster, Mississippi, United States [P1295]
  Webster, Mississippi, USA [P2302]
  Wellston, Lincoln, Oklahoma, USA [P2466]
  Wenatchee, Chelan, Washington, USA [P2036]
  Wenatchee, WA [P2137]
  West Des Moines, Mahaska, Iowa [P1458]
  Western District, Upshur, Texas, United States [P0913]
  Western Division, Chickasaw, Mississippi [P0632]
  West Frankfort, Franklin, Illinois, United States [P0272]
  West Frankfort IL [P0342]
  West Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA [P1742]
  Weston, Kay, Oklahoma [P0714]
  West Plains, Howell, MO [P2649]
  West Reedsport, Douglas, Oregon [P0615]
  West Virginia, United States [P2222]
, , , West Virginia, USA [P1363]
W Wheeler, Texas [P1080]
  Wheeling, Livingston, Missouri [P2219]
  Whigham, Grady, Georgia, United States [P1921]
  White Cloud, Donaphin, Kansas [P0951]
  White Cloud, Doniphan, Kansas, USA [P1289]
  White Cloud,,Kansas,USA [P1456]
  White Plains, Calhoun, Alabama [P0643]
  White Springs, Florida, USA [P2498]
  Whitfield, Georgia, United States [P2026]
  Whitman, Washington [P0597]
, , Whitman, Washington, USA [P2566]
W Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas [P0936]
  Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, USA [P0796]
  Wichita, Kansas [P1609]
  Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas [P0420]
  Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas. [P1587]
  Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas.. [P1543]
  Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas [P2153]
  Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, USA [P0627]
  Wichita Ward 6, Sedgwick, Kansas [P0719]
  Wilcox, Alabama [P0405]
  Wilkes Co, GA [P1134]
  Wilkes Co. GA [P1756]
  Wilkes County, Georgia, USA [P0906]
  Wilkes, Ga. [P2308]
  Wilkes, Georgia [P1530]
  Willamette Slough, Multnomah, Oregon, United States [P0784]
  Willard, Torrance Co NM [P1521]
  Willard, Torrance Co. NM [P1199]
  Willard, Torrance, New Mexico [P0299]
  Williams, Stone, Missouri, United States [P0039]
  William swears not to sell liquor to slaves [P2238]
  Williston, Barnwell, South Carolina, USA [P1524]
  Willows , California [P2715]
  Willows, California [P2224]
  Willows, Glenn, California [P2024]
  Willows, Glenn, California, USA [P0761]
  Willow Springs Community, Clay Co.,TX, Henrietta, TX USA [P2246]
  Willow Springs, Douglas, Kansas [P1012]
  Winchester, Lewis, Idaho [P1090]
  Winnfield, Winn, Louisiana [P0053]
  Winnie, Chambers, Texas, USA [P1135]
  Winters Texas [P2735]
  Wisconsin [P1655]
, , , Wisconsin, USA [P0486]
W Wise, Edgefield, South Carolina, United States [P0398]
, , Wise, Virginia, USA [P2347]
W Wolf, Seminole, Oklahoma [P0527]
  Wolfs, Unicoi, Tennessee, United States [P0794]
  Woodbridge, San Joaquin, California, USA [P2129]
  Worcestershire, England [P1305]
  Wrightsboro, McDuffie, Georgia, United States [P2100]
  Wrigley, Hickman, Tennessee, United States [P2453]
  Wyatt cemetery, Stewart Co, TN [P1659]
  Wyoming [P1339]
  Wyoming, USA [P2454]
  Wythe County, Virginia, USA [P1560]
, , Wythe, Virginia, USA [P1016]
Y Yakima, Yakima, Washington, United States [P1768]
, , Yalobusha, Mississippi, United States [P2209]
  , Yellow, Arkansas, USA [P1716]
Y Yellow Bayou, Norwoods Plantation, Louisiana, USA [P1808]
  Yellow Creek, Chariton, Missouri [P0517]
  Yellow Creek, Linn, Missouri [P0671]
  Yocum, Carroll, Arkansas [P0680]
  Yocum, Carroll, Arkansas, United States [P0239]
  Yocum Township, Carroll, Arkansas [P0681]
  Yolo, California [P1285]
  Yucca Valley, San Bernardino, CA [P2407]